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Marc Wagner is Managing Partner and responsible for the practice New Work & Company ReBuilding at Detecon International. As such the topic New Work is part of his daily business. With the Company ReBuilding approach he together with Detecon strives for a smooth business transformation, where agile and efficient cells are build up within the organization.

As former entrepreneur and employee of a corporate firm he moreover gained a comprehensive overview about the topic from very diverse perspectives. Together with other experts he published the management guide “New Work: Auf dem Weg zur neuen Arbeitswelt” (New Work: On the way to a new working world) last year. For Workpath, Marc noted down his most important thoughts around New Work.

Thought 1

New Work is not an end in itself and should not lead to a “cultural narcissm”. Because in the end also in the digital age successful companies are not about themselves and some socio-romantic ideas but about their customers and the customer’s “job-to-be-done”.

Thought 2

Successful New Work concepts (according to our Company ReBuilding approach) don´t ask for employee or customer centricity, but consistently connect customer and employee perspectives. In times of co-creation also here boundaries are blurred.

Thought 3

New Work is furthermore a critical if not THE success driver in the war for digital talents. Moreover, New Work is the bases of employee satisfaction and retention. But only if it is not misused for command & control and self-exploitation 4.0.

Thought 4

To successfully realize New Work in your organization you need convinced and committed people at board level. Otherwise the investment in change management will be immense.

Thought 5

The comprehensive contribution of employees is a basic principle of New Work that you should also find in a New Work implementation project. And that should not be as placebo measure.

Thought 6

Without a harmonious interplay of the dimensions people, places, technology and principles & regulations New Work implementations will fall short.

Thought 7

 It is dangerous to try backing up short-term effects of New Work implementation with business cases. Cultural changes have a long term impact and it is difficult to press them into short-term KPIs.

Thought 8

Create a leeway for experimentation when introducing New Work. This is where employees and leaders can try out new work scenarios and defuse fears and prejudice. This also helps the collaboration with the work council.

Thought 9

New Work requires a complete new way of thinking with regards to the design of the working environment and the role of the physical office. It´s flexibility, inspiration and functionality that are in the focus point here. The individual workplace or desk sharing place moves to the background and is replaced by project, collaboration and creative spaces.

Thought 10

You should not exaggerate with regards to mobile work and home office when realizing New Work. In the end an adequate amount of presence and virtuality is important for the identification with the organization and to foster team spirit. Mobile work should open up opportunities and not become a dogma.


This article was originally published on Marc Wagner´s LinkedIn.

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