Niels Pfläging

Niels Pfläging

Niels Pfläging is leadership philosopher, management exorcist and advisor. He is a passionate as well as pragmatic business thought leader: His books, amongst other the award-winning "Leading with flexible targets" and "Organize for Complexity", have been praised by the critics and turned out to become bestsellers. For five years Niels has been the director of the renowned Beyond Budgeting Round Table. He is founder of the international open source network BetaCodex as well as of the Studio Red42.


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How a triad of organizational structures allows to absorb complexity

Since the rise of the corporation at the dawn of the industrial age, much has been said about leadership, power, and structure in organizations. Some...

Insights 2 min

Flat hierarchies: Just another step in the wrong direction

Most managers and business leaders aim to make their organizations flatter. They try to reduce middle management, to skim the amount of...