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Book recommendations on “Coping with change”

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Workpath´s book recommendations: One topic, five authors. The reading list “Coping with change” is about how you can take an active stance in facing change, how you can collectively rethink and create a desirable future.

New Work & Arbeiten 4.0 – Wie die Digitalisierung die Arbeitswelt verändert

by Trend Report Redaktion

Workpath´s Buchempfehlungen Handbuch HR Management

With guest articles, cases and interviews this book shows how the cultural and technical change to new work can be mastered. The authors of the open-content-guide uncover relevant aspects of new work with regards to trends, technologies and a glimpse of the future. While doing so they equip entrepreneurs and leaders with new approaches of thinking and working, so that they can leverage change best for their benefit.

Gemeinsam Unternehmenskultur umdenken: HR Innovation

by  Stefanie Krügl, Dirk Muschal & Daniel M. Richter

Workpath´s Buchempfehlungen Gemeinsam Unternehmenskultur umdenken: HR Innovation

Designing open, agile and successful organizations to fulfill the requirements of the ways we work and collaborate today. That is, what it´s about for Stefanie Krügl. In “Gemeinsam Unternehmenskultur umdenken” (rethinking corporate culture together ) 25 experts of different specialist field think about why self-determination, self-organization & Co. are so important today and how they can be embedded in organizations.

Das Buch Des Wandels: Wie Menschen Zukunft Gestalten

by Matthias Horx

Workpath´s Buchempfehlungen Das Buch Des Wandels: Wie Menschen Zukunft Gestalten

Matthias Horx is convinced that humans can do change better than we oftentimes think. In “Buch des Wandels” (book of change) he travels with his readers through time and shows them the fear of the future and change don’t have to be our constant companions. A good reminder to recognize opportunities in times of fast, radical and continuous change.

Network Thinking

by Ulrich Weinberg

Workpath´s Buchempfehlungen Network Thinking

How to react to new forms of collaboration, creative linkages between the seemingly unrelated and especially de-hierarchization. Ulrich Weinberg explains that patterns of thinking are evanescent and that therefore it is time for a new way of thinking and acting. Namely, network thinking. “Network Thinking” explains how the concept can be lived and which new skills are required.

The Agility Shift: Creating Agile and Effective Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

by Pamela Meyer

Workpath´s Buchempfehlungen Agility Shift

Oftentimes managers are prepared to be efficient and effective in stable and predictable situations. But such situations nowadays are almost non-existent anymore. “Agility Shift” helps to develop agile organizations, which are innovative and thrive in complex environments characterized by continuous change.


Are you looking for more books to read? In our readinglist “Organizing for a new working world” we look at how organizations have to change with respect to structure, culture & the like to fulfill the demands of a new working world.  On the topic “Leadership”, we presented five books that provide leaders with ideas, tools and recommendations so that they can better live up to the expectations of their roles in a new working world. Moreover, we put together a list with the 5 best books for more OKR success.

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