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Workpath´s book recommendations: One topic, five authors. The reading list on the topic leadership and leadership frameworks presents five books that provide leaders with ideas, tools and recommendations so that they can better live up to the expectations of their roles in a new working world.

Das OKR Buch – Führen wie im Silicon Valley

by Marco Alberti

Book recommendations Murakamy

As CEO of the OKR-focused strategic consultancy Murakamy Marco Alberti collected a lot of knowledge and experience with regards to the OKR framework. In his book he summarizes this concentrated knowledge and demonstrates how the management method that became famous in the Silicon Valley through Intel and especially Google can also be applied in the German-speaking market.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution

by  Chris McChesney

Book recommendations McChesney

The 4 Disciplines of Execution” describes a technique that wants to, especially in the organizational context, prevent that most goals stay dreams and illusions. McChesney & Co. provide leaders with 4 maxims with which goals can be better realized. 4DX is a new way of thinking and working. It allows organizations to thrive in the dynamic and competitive working environment of today.

Agiler führen

by Svenja Hofert

Book recommendationsSvenja Hofert

With “Agiler führen” (leading agile) Svenja Hofert introduces leaders to the topic of agility. She suggests diverse ideas and show how they can be introduced and implemented in practice. Hofert shows that already small steps towards more agility can have an impact on performance and innovation.

Making Progress: The 7 Responsibilities of the Innovation Leader

by Ryan Jacoby

Book recommendations Ryan Jacoby

“Making Progress: The 7 Responsibilities of the Innovation Leader” is a tactical guideline for all those that have or want to lead innovation. The book wants to help combine the different stakeholder demands on the way to innovation and support problem solving processes. A companion through the ups and downs on the way to more progress.

Die Stille Revolution

by Bodo Janssen

Book recommendations Bodo Janssen

What can you do if employees feel like they are lead badly? Of course you can hire a new leader. Or introduce a new leadership approach: corporate happiness. Bodo Janssen describes from personal experience how he brought his company back on track with principles like self-leadership, servant leadership, a focus on unlocking potential and value creation through esteem and appreciation.


Are you looking for more books to read? In our readinglist “Organizing for a new working world” we look at how organizations have to change with respect to structure, culture & the like to fulfill the demands of a new working world. Moreover, we put together a list with the 5 best books for more OKR success.

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