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Digital TransformationNew Work 5 min

What is New Work? Everything you need to know

What is New Work? Ora et labora – pray and work. This principle dates back to the Middle Ages and...

Digital TransformationInsightsOKRs 3 min

The first Enterprise Roundtable: transformation at Flixbus, Metro & Co.

The enterprise roundtable is an event format from Workpath, where selected practitioners from medium-sized businesses as well as corporates come...

Digital TransformationNetwork Organization 7 min

How a triad of organizational structures allows to absorb complexity

Since the rise of the corporation at the dawn of the industrial age, much has been said about leadership, power, and structure in organizations. Some...

Digital TransformationNew Work 5 min

Why ambidexterity is the central key to success for future organizations

Understanding ambidexterity Growth and success through efficiency and scale as common denominator of established organizations If you try to decode...