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InterviewsLeadershipPerformance Management 4 min

Digital leaders & the future of performance management: An interview with Ursula Vranken

“The pathway to the goal starts on the day you take one hundred percent accountability for your actions.” This quote...

InsightsLeadershipOKRs 3 min

To Create Better Company OKRs, Follow Jeff Bezos’ Advice

Many organizations adopt OKR because they want shorter and more frequent goal cycles. But companies often discover that using only quarterly OKRs can...

InsightsOKRsTransformation 6 min

Why OKRs are key if you want to transform your performance management

So, you’re on the path to growth, with plans to scale up. No doubt you’ve focused on the financing, the...

OKRsTransformation 4 min

Bridging the Gap – Can the “Working Out Loud” Principles be Converted into Business Cases and Organizational Systems?

If you are following leading HR executives and influencers in social media, you might currently feel like “Working Out Loud”...

LeadershipOKRs 5 min

Three common mistakes of objective-based leadership with OKRs

There are various frameworks and tools which aim to support the efficient definition and setting of high-quality goals. Be it...

LeadershipOKRs 8 min

Objectives and Key Results  (OKRs)

 Objectives und Key Results (OKRs) are a widely discussed topic at the moment. In times of tremendous transformations, the agile...