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Change ManagementLeadershipTransformation 4 min

Why Visionary Leadership Fails

In the following article, researcher Nufer Yasin Ates, Murat Tarakci, Jeanine P. Porck, Daan van Knippenberg and Patrick Groenen describe...

OKRsTransformation 4 min

Step by step working more strategically

In order to survive in the increasingly volatile markets of the new economic and working world, organizations will have to...

LeadershipOKRsTransformation 8 min

The challenge of agile transformation – an interview of Workpath founder Johannes Müller with Boris Gloger

This article arised out of a conversation of Workpath-founder Johannes Müller with Boris Gloger.  As founder and general manager of...

InsightsOKRsTransformation 6 min

Why OKRs are key if you want to transform your performance management

So, you’re on the path to growth, with plans to scale up. No doubt you’ve focused on the financing, the...

OKRsTransformation 4 min

Bridging the Gap: How OKRs help to make impact with “Working Out Loud”

If you are following leading HR executives and influencers in social media, you might currently feel like “Working Out Loud”...