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The enterprise roundtable is one of Workpath’s event formats, where selected practitioners from medium-sized businesses as well as corporates come together to exchange in a moderated format and trustful environment on topics revolving around a new economic and working environment.

For the first enterprise roundtable, 15 participants followed Workpath’s invitation and came to Munich. In short interviews Stefan Machheit (Executive Agile Consultant at the Otto Group), Andre Wilhelmi (People Manager at Flixbus) and Timo Salzsieder (CIO of Metro AG) shared their experiences and opinions about New Work with us: 

What trends does Stefan Machheit see for New Work in 2019?

Stefan Machheit sees the difficulty in getting involved with the topic of New Work, especially among managers of companies with tayloristic approaches. How to lead in the future? How do I give people freedom and still have the responsibility? These are just a few of the topics that managers will be dealing with in the next years.

What trends does Andre Wilhelmi see for New Work in 2019?

For Andre Wilhelmi, the trend is to perceive people no longer merely as a resource, but as individuals. For companies such as Volkswagen and BMW, breaking down old structures is playing an increasingly important role, as they understand that a team, consisting of several intelligent individuals, can be more efficient than a single person at the top.

Which transformation and agility issues challenge Timo Salzsieder the most?

Timo Salzsieder describes cultural change as Metro AG’s biggest problem by far. Especially for the employees of the IT department, the cultural change of the company poses a great challenge.

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