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Today, people in all industries face the challenges of a complex and fast-moving working world. We are convinced that we can mutually benefit from our experience and learn as well as grow together – on the way to a value-creating, agile work culture. This is why we connect practitioners and experts in our Workpath Quarterly, thus enabling an exchange on topics relating to flexible network organization, goals and the associated challenges of their implementation in companies. Through an interactive range of lectures, case studies, expert 1-on-1s, discussion groups and workshops, everyone can set their own priorities and put together their individual program. In an inspiring environment, participants learn, among other things, how they can optimally prepare for the upcoming OKR cycle. 


Quarterly Q2 July 2019

At our last Quarterly in Berlin there was a very constructive and valuable exchange between participants and experts. Workpath founders Johannes Müller and Pascal Fritzen started the day with a review of the last quarter and gave an outlook on the goals for the coming months. At noon, Massimiliano Maiuri and Ben Hogan reported on their experiences with the introduction of OKRs at Scout24, the challenges they faced and how they dealt with them.

After lunch, participants could then individually choose which workshop, expert 1-on-1 or discussion group they wanted to attend. Arved Weidemüller from borisglogerconsulting presented “Three models for the neglected coordination between strategic management and operational teams”, Stefan Machheit from OTTO spoke about “Comprehensive control through a standardized alignment/war room and standardized daily management” and Eike Wagner from emergize visualized “The elements of an agile organization”. 

After a short coffee break with another opportunity for networking, the second workshop round took place. Sabine Schloemer from the Metro Group presented the experiences with the implementation of OKRs at Metronom and described the associated challenges and learnings. Arved Weidemüller led a second workshop on “Relieve Objectives and Key Results from the blind alley” and Eike Wagner asked himself and us “How can a comprehensive agile transformation succeed?”. The participants also had the opportunity to participate in a Workpath product demo by Pascal Fritzen and get to know and use the tool better.Participants and experts experienced the numerous opportunities for interaction and exchange very positively. Stephanie Fehringer (SAP) concluded in an interview:



“I really liked the exchange. Others told us about their experiences and solutions to difficulties. It was very valuable to discuss them.”




In the evening the OKR Forum with members from our OKR-Community took place, where Judith Braun from Telekom gave a very informative lecture about the OKR implementation in her department and afterwards talked about it with Massimiliano Maiuri from Scout24 and Hannah Jürgens from Auxmoney. During the subsequent open exchange, all participants had the opportunity to discuss their problems with the experienced OKR users and to receive valuable suggestions for an improved implementation in their own companies. Ben Hogan from Scout24 summed up very aptly: 



“It’s different from reading the textbooks and learning about how it’s meant to work in theory. I really liked hearing how it actually happens in the real world and in practice.”




At the next Quarterly on September 16, 2019 in Munich, there will be inspirational input and many opportunities for mutual exchange and learning again. Get your ticket now and become part of the OKR community


We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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