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Top 12 of the most influential formers of New Work


Today we are proud to present the Pathfinder Awards 2019 with the twelve most influential opinion leaders of New Work. We as Workpath are particularly happy that our founder Johannes Müller is also represented among the nominees. The high proportion of women in the top 12 shows a clear improvement over last year and can perhaps be seen as a small indicator that “gender mainstreaming” has arrived in the area of New Work. The fact that the Pathfinder Community has decided independently and without a pre-nomination should also be emphasized here. In this article you will find out who are the most important formers of New Work and who will continue to drive the digital transformation in the future!

We would like to thank all nominees for their outstanding work in the New Work area. Special thanks go to our community, without whom this year’s Pathfinder Awards would not have been possible.

1. Marcus Raitner

Marcus Raitner is Agile Transformation Agent at the BMW Group. He is an expert in leadership, agility and digitalization. For Marcus Raitner, leadership should be agile, digital and above all: human. This means that leadership for a new world of work must offer orientation and not control and thus ultimately facilitate self-management. In his guest article in our Workpath Magazine, Marcus Raitner describes how modern organizations can enable continuous development and adaptation while increasing complexity and speed.

Find out more about Marcus Raitner and his work on LinkedIn and his blog.

2. Niels Pfläging

Niels Pfläging is a self-appointed leadership philosopher, management exorcist and consultant by his own name. He is the founder of the international open source network BetaCodex, which aim is to help companies to transform their management and organizational models. He is also involved in workplace learning and organizational development as part of Think Tanks Studio Red42. In the Workpath Magazine Niels Pfläging explains why flat hierarchies are not the solution for more efficiency and effectiveness and how value creation should be built instead.

Find out more about Niels Pfläging and his work on LinkedIn and in his books.

3. Lars Vollmer

Lars Vollmer is founder and CEO of – a think tank and leading network for New Work and modern business management. The author and speaker aims to inspire others to understand business and society in a new way. He pleads for less “business theatre”, more and not longer work and a big step towards more self-organisation.

Find out more about Lars Vollmer and his work on LinkedIn and his website.

4. Marion King

With Les Enfants Terribles, Marion King has created a school and platform for new and more mindful work. The founder wants to show that new collaborative ways of working, humane leadership and careful use of resources can be the right answer to a complex and fast working world. She is also convinced that responsible and efficient work can also be achieved with pleasure. Marion King also spoke about leadership and organization in a new world of work in Workpath Magazine.

Find out more about Marion King on LinkedIn and Twitter.

5. Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins has been working in the field of agile coaching for many years. In 2010 she co-founded the Agile Coaching Institute and her current focus is on improving the performance of top management teams and board members through insightful facilitation and organizational system coaching. Lyssa Adkins is the author of the book Coaching Agile Teams, which is still a top 10 Agile book years after its publication.

Find out more about Lyssa Adkins on LinkedIn and her website.

6. Magdalena Rogl

Magdalena Rogl is Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft Germany and responsible for Social Media, Newsroom, Blog and Influencer Relations. She is particularly concerned with digital education, diversity and equality. Magdalena Rogl has already been recognized as a “Digital Female Leader” and one of the “25 Women Revolutionizing Our Economy”.

Find out more about Magdalena Rogl on LinkedIn and Twitter.

7. Lea Steinacker

As Chief Strategy Officer of ada, a platform for tomorrow’s digital life and economy, Léa Steinacker develops strategies and formats for the platform and leads its implementation. She puts innovative ideas, new business models and content on the agenda. In 2018, Forbes Magazine added her to the list of 30 Under 30 Europe: Media & Marketing.

Find out more about Léa Steinacker on LinkedIn and Twitter.

8. Marc Wagner

Marc Wagner is Managing Partner and member of the International Management Board at Detecon International GmbH. He is responsible for topics such as New Work, the future of the HR function and innovation culture. Furthermore, he is also an expert in areas such as change management and company rebuilding.

Find out more about Marc Wagner on LinkedIn and Twitter.

9. Stephan Grabmeier


As Chief Innovation Officer at Kienbaum, Stephan Grabmeier shapes digitization and change in companies with a strong focus on employees and leadership culture. He also focuses on agile work practices and innovation in system work. He is convinced that ambidextry, as an organizational principle, can succeed: Innovation and core business can be combined, organizations can be stable and agile, and new forms of work can be designed to be both: digital and human.

Find out more about Stephan Grabmeier on Twitter and his LinkedIn

10. Frederic Laloux

Frederic Laloux is the author of the book Reinventing Organizations, considered by many to be the most influential management book of the decade. It has inspired many companies around the world to take a radical leap and apply a very different set of management principles and practices.

Find out more about Frederic Laloux on LinkedIn and his website.

11. Johannes Müller

Johannes Müller is founder and managing director of Workpath. The Munich-based company develops intelligent software solutions for agile business management and for management, analysis and communication processes in dynamic network organizations. As an expert for Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and strategic control in complex market environments, Johannes Müller’s mission is to transform established companies with traditional structures into agile network organizations made up of self-organized teams and to make a contribution to the transformation of the working world with Workpath.

Find out more about Johannes Müller on LinkedIn and Twitter.

12. Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen Appelo is founder and CEO of Agility Scales. The company is developing an app and platform that enable companies to achieve agility across the organization. As a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, Jurgen Appelo is dedicated to help companies to find their way into the 21st century world of work and remain successful. He has also been named one of’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts. His new book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup will be available in April.  

Find out more about Jurgen Appelo on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Below you can find the complete ranking of all 27 nominated opinion leaders who contribute to New Work:

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