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We are happy to present the brand new format of Workpath: the Superkinetics Podcast. Every two weeks, experts and practitioners share their experiences and discuss topics ranging from agile leadership and continuous strategic business development to new forms of organization and collaboration. Superkinetics will provide a platform to make this knowledge accessible to all and to promote collaborative learning and discussion. Listen to Superkinetics on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any other podcast platform of your choice and get valuable impulses and opportunities to change your perspective. 

In this article you will get a brief insight into the first two episodes with Johannes Müller, founder and CEO of Workpath, and Conny Dethloff, “Mensch” at OTTO Group’s Agile Center

Episode 001: Johannes Müller – Workpath CEO: Founding history of Workpath, the emergence of the Superkinetics Podcast and much more

In this first episode of Superkinetics, Johannes Müller talks about the origins and goals of the podcast, the founding history of Workpath and the concept of the “kinetic organization”.

Workpath, says Johannes Müller, wants to enable people to better develop their potential in the organization and to make relevant, fulfilling value contributions. The supporting reflection and learning process takes place above all through authentic conversations with other people from the Workpath Community, where practitioners who deal with the future of the working world in their organization share their experiences at eye level. These encounters inspired the creation of the Superkinetics Podcast. 

But how did Johannes’ own journey lead him to Workpath? It all started at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) “a place of many beginnings,” he says. At the Center and at his then employer Freeletics, he finally met Pascal Fritzen and Thomas Obermüller (then CTO at Freeletics) in 2017 they founded Workpath together. Since then, the team has grown rapidly and sees itself not only as a software company, but also as a solution provider that holistically empowers organizations and their employees to break new ground in strategic control and collaboration.

At the end of this podcast episode, Johannes also reveals what the name “Superkinetics” is all about: 

“We have been dealing with the concept of kinetics for some time now. In my words, it is about the energy (kinetic energy) contained in an object or system that moves. In recent years, we have seen that this model can also be transferred well to organizations and offers an interesting thought model this is how our idea and the target image of the “kinetic organization”, the kinetic enterprise, came about. We see that what Workpath actually brings to companies is energy and speed in the effectiveness of value creation and in adaptability. These two dimensions of kinetics, organizational speed and energy, which are the potential in the employees, are the decisive competitive advantages of this century, which make companies successful today and in the future”. 

Episode 002: Conny Dethloff – Otto Group: Freedom and Responsibility in Agile Network Organizations

In the second episode of Superkinetics we welcomed Conny Dethloff, who describes his role in the Agile Center of the OTTO Group as “human”. Together with his team, he is responsible for developing the OTTO Group’s working methods as well as its culture and making it fit for the future. He has been sharing the experiences and findings of his work for several years in his blog “Reise des Verstehens” (“Journey of Understanding”). In 2018, Conny was listed as one of the 25 Top Voices in the DACH region by LinkedIn.

In response to the question of what his role description “Man in the Agile Center of the OTTO Group” is all about, he answers that as a “man” he is pursuing one of his passions helping to shape environments in which people find fulfilment. In the Agile Center, he is the contact person for teams and companies and works with them on the transformation of existing organisational structures. Based on his experience, he is convinced that employees in almost all companies have a great deal of expertise. Rather, the difficulty lies in using this knowledge and skills in such a way that they actually generate value for the customer. In this context, Conny Dethloff deals with different models, processes and approaches and combines them with his practical experience. He then explains the difference between “complex” and “complicated” and the importance of the dualism of freedom and responsibility in the context of agile network organizations.


If you want to learn more about these topics, listen to the podcast episodes with Johannes Müller and Conny Dethloff directly on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or on a podcast platform of your choice. There you can enjoy new episodes with interesting personalities and thought leaders every two weeks. Share your thoughts and practical experiences directly in the Community and subscribe to the Workpath newsletter to stay up to date. 

At our Workpath Quarterly & Symposium on December 11th in Berlin you can also network personally with other practitioners.


We are looking forward to many more inspiring episodes of Superkinetics and hope to bring some kinetic energy into your daily work and the organization to master the challenges of the new working world together. 


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