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6 Quality Check Criteria for your OKRs

Drafting your OKRs can be challenging, no matter how often you have already done it. However, your OKRs will only...

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OKR implementation at Detecon – an interview with Marc Wagner

As Managing Partner and Leader, Marc Wagner contributed to the transfer of the Practice Company ReBuilding to an agile management model at Detecon. As a senior expert for transformation and restructuring projects, he focused in particular on the topics of finance and HR management, HR transformation, New Work and Company Rebuilding. He talked to Workpath about how Detecon managed a successful OKR implementation and mindset change.

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Objectives and Key Results  (OKRs)

Objectives und Key Results (OKRs) are a widely discussed topic at the moment. In times of tremendous transformations, the agile...