The Masterclass format


What added value does participating in a Masterclass offer?

The professional world has continually evolved over the last 100 years. There has been a fundamental paradigm shift from Taylorism to digitalization (read more here). Markets are changing at a rapid pace. In order to survive in this new working world, organizations need novel roles, processes and forms of collaboration. OKR coaches make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the leap into a more agile organizational culture succeeds. Therefore, it should not be underestimated how demanding this role is. For a successful change it is absolutely necessary to prepare OKR coaches as well as possible for their tasks. To make that happen, the Workpath Masterclass is the best way to support OKR coaches, since it provides the tools, skills and network they need to succeed in their arduous task.


How does a Masterclass work? Which topics are covered?

The Masterclass is part of the Workpath Enablement Program. In this workshop, agile coaches and managers learn the basics of the agile leadership method “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs) in 1.5 to 2 days and how they can use it in their own organization to create value. 

The strategic management of companies must be adapted to the new working environment. In order to increase the understanding of this, our Masterclass trainers describe at the beginning of the workshop the path to digitization and agilization of work. In the next step, our trainers use numerous positive and negative examples to explain what OKRs are and how best to formulate them. In this way, the participants learn how goal setting with OKRs actually works and is implemented correctly. The individual phases of the OKR cycle are then simulated using a fictitious organization. Participants not only gain an overview of the OKR cycle and an understanding of OKRs as a holistic approach, but can also apply the theoretical knowledge in practice and benefit from immediate feedback from experienced trainers. In the final part of the Masterclass, participants receive valuable tips on how to successfully roll out OKRs in their organization and how to design Goal Setting and Alignment workshops. This learning is then repeated and consolidated in an interactive quiz. 

During the Masterclasses, it is also crucial to clarify the role of the OKR coaches and the associated responsibilities in order to prepare them better for these. In addition, participants learn how the Workpath software can facilitate the cycle and work with OKRs within and across teams. 

In a nutshell, the Masterclass format gives OKR coaches and especially those who want to become one   the necessary knowledge to successfully implement OKRs with their teams. After completing the Masterclass and passing the test, participants obtain certification as an OKR Coach. In addition, they receive process templates and manuals for the creation of OKRs and their implementation in their own company.


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