The OKR Community Report 2018: First Insights


What is occupying the mind of employees and organizations that are on their way to a new working world, that want to face digital transofrmation and keep up with the fast and complex market environment of today ? What are challenges and trends? Who are the influencers and what are the most important sources of information to stay up to date?

This and much more we asked our more than 4.000 member strong community in our “New Work Survey 2018”. In this article we already prepared the first insights into the OKR Community Report. The full report will be available for download soon in our Magazine.

You can find the OKR Community Report from last year here:  OKR Community Report 2017


The OKR Community Report 2018: The participants

With participants from all five continents and more than 20 countries in total, we were able to collect ideas and opinions from all over the world.

OKR Community Report Länder

A majority from our survey participants work within the IT sector. But also other industries like Finance and Banking, Transportation and Energy or Retail are represented. 42% of our contestants work as agile coaches and thereby are true experts on topics revolving around agile work, digital transformation & Co. Almost one third of the participants on the other hand work in the middle or upper management. They can thus count themselves to the decision-makers driving the change within their organizations. 53% of these organizations employ more than 150 employees, 21% even more than 3.000.

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The OKR Community Report 2018: Tools & Methods

Next to dedicated software Slack, Jira, Confluence, Trello and Google Drive are the preferred go-to options of our community, when it is about making agile work easier. On the method side, most companies make use of  Scrum, OKRs and Kanban to make the organization more agile.

OKR community report tools und methoden

Kanban is an agile method, which helps to visualize workflows and to drive change management, packaged in little steps, faster. You can find more on the benefits and ways of working of Kanban here (German). A comprehensive explanation about Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) can be found in this article. What actually hides behind the Scrum method and more on its relationship with the OKR framework, can be found in our article “OKR and Scrum – How to Align the Big Picture with Micro Management“.

The OKR Community Report 2018: Challenges

The working world of today, characterized by digitale transformation, increased speed and complexity constantly causes more and more new challenges for organizations. The following challenges are those, our community is most concerned with:

Herausforderungen OKR Community Report

Many organizations try to find an answer to the challenges of the new business and working world in flat hierarchies. Oftentimes, this seems to be a difficult process for employees in leadership positions, since they feel and fear to lose their power. What usually is not understood though, is that through new definitions of roles power is not necessarily lost, but just takes on different shapes. In his guest article “How a triad of organizational structures allows to absorb complexity” Niels Pfläging explains, how a balance between different organizational strucures, ways of leadership and different forms of power distibution can look like.

To react adequately and timely to the faster changing market demands, also self-organization develops into a more and more important topic in organizations. The entrepreneur and founder of intrinsify Lars Vollmer wrote a whole book on the topic. An exclusive insight into the book can be found in the Workpath Magazine (German).

Another big topic the New Work Community is concerned with is the approaching elimination of individual bonuses. Earlier this year, we talked about this with Sven Franke. A whitepaper on the overarching topic “Incentives und Recognition” will soon be published by Workpath. If you want to pre-order the whitepaper, just write an e-mail to

More information on the challenges of a new working world and how they can be tackled can be found in our Magazine. To stay up to date you can furthermore sign-up for our  Newsletter.

The OKR Community Report 2018: Trends

With all those challenges our community members still are aware of the many changes and progress in the New Work landscape. They have a clear idea, where the working world of tomorrow is moving towards to and what the key factors for successful organizations of the future will be. The following appraisal of trends is shared by the majority of our contestents:

  1. Transformation to see leadership as an enabling and empowering role that drives value creation of their teams (66%)
  2. Breaking up silos and enabling cross-functional collaboration with clear expectations and guidelines (63%)
  3. Seeing the bigger picture of the contribution of your work instead of only “getting the job done” (53%)
  4. Seeing continuous learning as the main driver of economic success (48%)
  5. From annual manager feedback to engaging and continuous feedback, goals and communication tools (46%)


A comprehensive and extended listing and explanation of the challenges and trends of the new working world as well as further topics will soon be published in the Workpath Magazine. Furthermore, you can get a notification about the publication, if you are signed-up for our  Newsletter. We are looking forward to present you the most important influencers of the new working world, the best coaches and the organizations with the biggest pioneering roles. Stay tuned!

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