The Quarterly Q3 in Munich – an exchange of ideas, learning, and inspiration


On September 16, 2019, the third Workpath Quarterly this year took place in Munich. The creative environment of the location (smartvillage) provided the ideal setting for our quarterly conference, in which practitioners and experts exchanged views on topics related to an agile working environment and the design of the coming goal-setting cycle. Once again, there was the opportunity to take part in exciting lectures, workshops and discussions in order to learn from and with each other.


At the beginning of the Quarterly, Workpath CEO Johannes Müller welcomed the participants and gave a brief overview of the developments at Workpath in the past quarter. For example, in the last three months a Train-the-Trainer program was developed and a video training on OKRs was published, which is now available in the form of an E-learning course. In addition, all preparations have been made to provide a more interactive platform for the OKR Community and publish the first Workpath Podcast in time for the start of the next quarter (early October). Subsequently, Workpath CPO Pascal Fritzen summarized the updates of the Workpath software. For example, there are now so-called “Customizable Goal Cycles”. With this new feature, customers can individually adjust the beginning and end of their OKR cycles and synchronize them with the company cycles (quarters, tertials or half-years). In addition, organizations can flexibly name their OKR cycles. Another new feature is that no longer existing or needed teams can be archived. A team no longer appears in the search and drop-down menu, but its goals and check-ins are retained. Archived teams can therefore be restored without any problems. 


After a coffee break, which provided the first opportunity for networking, Eike Wagner from emergize spoke in an interactive keynote about the myth of agile transformation. At the beginning he initiated a brainstorming on the question “What are prejudices about agility?” The participants then worked together on a definition of agility and why this term is so present in today’s working world. In the second part of the lecture, Eike Wagner used a canvas and the help of the audience to illustrate what organizations can do to become more agile.


Afterwards, the participants were able to choose between workshops with different topics in two interactive workshop rounds. Sabine Schlömer (METRONOM) and her group asked themselves the question how to build and activate an OKR Master Community within an organization. Eike Wagner and some other participants dealt more deeply with his lecture and the problem “Everyone talks about agility, but nobody is ready to let go”.  In another workshop, Ana Pacios Escudero and Simon Bock from Workpath also offered a co-creation session about Workpath Analytics. Julia Zirn (cidpartners) discussed with the participants how to effectively communicate the “Why” of change processes within organizations – and what to avoid.


After a short wrap-up and a warm thank you to all speakers and participants, in the evening there was time again for open questions about the Workpath
software and for networking, with the Quarterly Q3 ending in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

We would like to thank everyone who helped to shape this Quarterly with their enthusiasm and ideas and look forward to the next event on December 12, 2019, in Berlin.


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