OKRs and Beyond
Our Way of Thinking

OKR+ is Workpath’s holistic concept of digital people operations. It is inspired by organizational pioneers, tailored to the culture and requirements of leading European companies.

We think of OKRs as a result-oriented and data-driven methodology that encourages people to think in new ways. We combine the best of MbO, 4DX and S.M.A.R.T goals concepts and work with the latest insights from management science, psychology and leading practitioners. OKR+ enables companies to successfully transform and digitize their operations, while preserving their identity.

The Basics: What are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) connect the work of employees to the company's overall strategy. Used by leading companies, such as BMW, Zalando and Google, OKRs are a decisive enabler for market leaders and the digital transformation.


Objectives are goals you want to accomplish. They should be:

Directional: Give the organization a clear direction.

Ambitious: Stimulate innovative thinking and challenge the status quo.

Aligned : Use objectives to bridge the gap between strategy and results. Increase employee engagement and crowdsource your people’s knowledge.

Time bound: Define objectives for the end of the quarter or an earlier due date.

Key Results

Every objective has 2 to 5 key results, which make the objective measurable. If you complete all key results, you should also have achieved the objective. Key results should be:

Measurable: Progress-based and as quantitative as possible.

Not a Task or Todo: A key result is a target. It should imply several further actions and steps.

What’s new about OKRs?

The Objective and Key Results framework has several advantages compared to previously existing goal management frameworks like MBO.


From annual to quarterly cycles with weekly conversations around progress, goals and key results


Coordinating work along goals and agile teams across the entire organization, not through hierarchies


Linking daily tasks with higher goals provides clarity and emphasizes the purpose of work (instead of focusing on financial incentives)


Visible goal relationships dissolve silo thinking and enable synergies and collaborations throughout the organization


A combination of bottom-up and top-down goal setting facilitates engagement, creativity and commitment


Ambitious goals, reviews and retrospectives help teams to experiment, learn faster and adopt a data-driven work approach

OKR+ addresses the key drivers of future success in high performing organizations

Automation and a new generation of employees will profoundly change the working world. OKR+ is our approach to help achieve the necessary transformations and enable companies to organize their work in dynamic and autonomous teams that share goals and values.

Manage Work around Shared Goals and Values

Innovation and agility in the digital age demands autonomous work with less delegation and higher employee engagement without inhibiting alignment and efficiency.

The OKR framework provides a proven approach to align and focus activities within the organization while leveraging the full workforce potential.

Spark Employee Engagement

Studies show, most employees struggle to find meaning and direction in their job, which severely lowers their engagement.

By working with OKRs, employees can be better involved and have a clear understanding of how their work is contributing to the bigger picture.

Foster Digital Leadership

New digital models disrupt established businesses around the world. Leadership needs to evolve from a delegating and controlling force to an enabler that coaches and imparts purpose.

Executives can utilize the OKR framework to transform their way of managing and empowering employees, to steer their company towards a successful future.

Modernize your Compensation and Incentive System

Companies still focus on motivation measures and financial incentives that are proven to be ineffective.

Working with OKRs fosters effective, intrinsic motivation by visualizing the purpose of work and enabling autonomous decisions.

Focus on People Development

Employee development is a key driver for engagement and organizational success. However, most employees feel they lack opportunities to grow.

By working with OKRs, employees get feedback on their achievements and identify areas of improvement.

Continuously Coach and Give Feedback

An underdeveloped feedback culture leads to less innovative initiatives, inefficient processes, and decreases employee engagement.

The OKR cycle fosters communication and feedback through weekly meetings, as well as regular retrospectives and reviews.

"With OKRs you can bring a level of engagement to the workplace, that usually only games are able to evoke."

Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab
Consults companies like VW, Munich Re and the SBB as Europe’s leading gamification and engagement expert.

The Benefits of OKRs and Goal Setting with Workpath
Achieve impressive increases in efficiency and performance


Lead through a structured and disciplined goal setting process


Manage expectations of employees and executives to get them fully invested


Align goals throughout all teams so everyone is working on the right things


Measure progress and success by introducing actionable indicators

"If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking."

R. Buckminster Fuller
System Theorist

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