“You Ask, We Answer”: How to succeed with your OKR rollout

Download a summary of the key take-aways from the first episode of “You Ask, We Answer"

Download the take-aways

In this summary, you will find a transcript of the key takeaways from the first episode of “You Ask, We Answer", which include following questions

  • Are there any organizations where OKRs won’t work?
  • If a company starts an OKR roll-out, how can the organization assess if they are successful with OKRs?
  • OKRs now have more than 40 years of history and are defined differently in certain geographic regions, like the US vs Europe. How can you make sure to choose the right OKR approach for your organization?
  • Stretch Goals/ Moonshot Goals: How should leaders and teams deal with stretch goals in the beginning and over the course of an OKR introduction?