outcome-focused strategy execution

The enterprise platform for Outcome Management - with OKRs and beyond

Why workpath

Trusted by leading enterprises
for successful strategy execution

With our experts and partners, Workpath has empowered companies around the world to define their most important goals and turn strategy into outcomes.

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Why workpath

Paving the way for enterprises
to be run in an outcome-focused way

With Workpath, your strategy becomes a transparent and collaborative process
which unites your organization in shared goals and fosters speedy adjustments.

All-In-One Training & Enablement

As the leading provider for Enterprise Outcome Management, Workpath offers a holistic professional service program combining best-in-class software with transformation expertise, change management, and OKR training by certified experts.

Integration with adjacent processes

Workpath connects all your relevant steering processes, tools and data sources in one flexible system to seamlessly organize your teams around shared target outcomes.

Enterprise-level Analytics Suite

Workpath offers the most extensive Analytics Suite to monitor your strategic planning and execution processes - around OKRs and beyond. Flexible reporting modules with in-depth reports enable custom insights and continuous course-corrections.

Timo Salzsieder from Metro AG
Case Study
Guillermo and Gloriana from Workpath

Are you ready to upgrade your
strategic operating system?

Workpath customers

Market leaders rely on Workpath for more effective implementation of strategies with OKR

For years, Workpath has helped hundreds of companies implement strategies faster and better. Our experts and partners have enabled countless OKR implementations and achieve sustainable success through the Workpath platform.

Hol dir dein Drafting Template

Mit unserem Drafting Template kannst du Schritt für Schritt deine Skills für die Formulierung deiner OKRs verbessern und deine Ziele Outcome-orientiert draften.

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OKR software and training
from 99€ per year

Discover Workpath Launch Kit

OKR software and training
from 99€ per year

Discover Workpath Launch Kit
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Timo Salzsieder

Esther Wijaya

Account executive

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Every second Friday of the month Esther will walk you through the Workpath software for 30 minutes. We will start at 11.30 am (CET). Find out how to get faster from strategic goals to results with Workpath in one of our upcoming live demos:

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Find the right Workpath Launch Kit package
for your needs

With Workpath Light, OKR responsibles get the right basic training and can start right away with the professional and intuitive Workpath software. Find your package and get started today!

10 E-Learning licenses (unit price 69€/license)

1 year access to the Workpath Launch Kit software

50 software user licenses

Self-service support (Help Center & Community)*

10 E-Learning licenses (unit price 69€/license)

1 year access to the Workpath Launch Kit software

50 software user licenses

Self-service support (Help Center & Community)*

* Due to high demand, the Workpath Launch Kit package excludes dedicated support outside of the self-service offerings. This exclusion particularly affects email, chat and phone requests, as well as direct support from one of our Customer Success Managers. To receive dedicated support services, you can upgrade to the full version of the Workpath software.


Hier findest du Content, der dir dabei hilft,
klare Outcomes zu setzen:

Plan Guide

Output vs. Outcome Artikel

Content Guide


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