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Scaling OKRs for 5.000+ employees

Bring your OKR practice to the next level

Case Study: OKRs at Scout24

Explore how Scout24 managed to establish better alignment, focus and engagement across all teams with Workpath.

Case Study: OKRs at METRO

Customer focus, shorter planning and improvement cycles through OKRs and Workpath

A Complete Guide on How to Succeed with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as an Enterprise

Implement OKRs successfully and make them work in your company

Tools and software solutions for optimal company alignment

Read here what is important for a successful alignment and which tools can support you with it.

OKRs and 4DX

With the 4DX Framework, this article presents a technique that, especially in a business context, wants to prevent most goals from remaining mere wishful thinking and shows how OKRs can be combined with it.

How to succeed with cross-functional alignment

How well are your teams aligned? Read here how cross-functional teams improve dependencies and master solutions to complex challenges.

The Workpath Jira Integration - Link daily work to your OKRs

How to use agile retrospectives to boost your performance

OKRs and Balanced Scorecard

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the differences between OKR and Balanced Scorecard. Here's how they differ and how they can be leveraged together.

The Check-in Meeting: Success Driver of Effective OKR Systems

The OKR Check-in is a brief meeting with the purpose of talking about progress and ensuring an efficient OKR process and focus of your team.