The software for agile management and employee development

Shared goals and continuous feedback for improved coordination, self-organization and focus.

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The One-Stop Performance Management Platform

Goals (OKRs)

Collaborative work and leadership with goals, across the whole organization.
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Structured conversations for fast learning and more self-organization.
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Beyond software: This is how Workpath supports you for a successful introduction and transformation

Fundamentals of agile performance management
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Exchange with practitioners and experts
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Comprehensive resources and training
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Accompanying consulting from implementation partners
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Your competitive advantages in a new working world

Efficient communication

Enable regular planning, coordination, control and feedback without effort.

Continuous development

Create a permanently learning organization with growth mindset.

Efficient coordination

Identify horizontal dependencies and break up rigid silos.

Flexible network organization

Promote cross-functional collaboration and customer-oriented networking.

Agile leadership culture

Let your teams develop processes adding to the value stream themselves.

Simple adaptation

Gain the participation of your employees through intuitive interfaces and training content.

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