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Our values

The way we work

The path into a new working world starts in our own company. This means, we try to practice what we preach and to follow our core values in all aspects of our work - towards colleagues, customers, partners and supporters.

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We are fierce

We always push forward. We are relentless about solving relevant problems. With courage and confidence we master every challenge and  thrive in the face of ambitious goals.

We own things

We embrace responsibility and drive things passionately as entrepreneurs. We are accountable for our results and give everyone the freedom to choose their own paths to success

We stay critical

We challenge ourselves and others in what we do and how we do it in a constructive manner. That is how we discover new paths and help each other to continuously get better.

We care for each other

We support each other in great as well as in challenging times. We all contribute to a healthy and human work environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated.

We are diligent

We give everything to do things right. The care and the attention to detail we put into our work demonstrates how seriously we take our mission and how  we strive to create sustainable value.

The leadership team

Johannes Müller
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As Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer, Johannes is responsible for international expansion and the strategic development of partnerships. He moreover is heavily involved in shaping the Workpath brand and regularly publishes on the topics of organization, leadership and the new working world.
Pascal Fritzen
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As Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Pascal  is responsible for the development and strategic direction of Workpath's software solutions. Through a close exchange with experts and customers, he ensures that Workpath remains the leading SaaS solution for strategic management and organizational development in enterprises.
Michael Miksch
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VP Finance & Operations
As Head of Finance & Operations, Michael is responsible for the topic areas Finance & Operations, Legal and People. This includes setting up and ensuring efficient and compliant internal processes. His key mission is to derive strategic and tactical measures based on the relevant data and metrics together with the Workpath teams.
Simon Bock
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Head of Customer Success
As Head of Customer Success, Simon and his experienced team are responsible for the long-term success of our customers. By strategically guiding executives and teams with proven frameworks, trainings and consulting, as well as building strategic partnerships, the team ensures optimal support and thus contributes to the above-average success of our customers.
Steffen Wenz
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As Chief Technology Officer, Steffen is responsible for the various developer teams that build and maintain the Workpath product. This includes hiring new candidates as well as managing the existing teams. Making the right technical decisions - from infrastructure to data security - also sets the course for rapid but solid growth.
Jakob Huhn
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vp sales
As VP Sales, Jakob leads all sales activities at Workpath. He is responsible for revenue growth as well as building and developing the sales team. His main mission is to help customers understand the added value of Workpath as an outcome management platform for their business.
Pia Vieregge
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head of people
As Head of People, Pia is responsible for making Workpath an attractive employer for new talent as well as all existing “Workpathians”. With her team, she builds the infrastructure for professional HR processes, an exceptional company culture and diverse development opportunities for all employees at Workpath.
Johannes Müller
In this new era where speed, adaptability and resilience trump efficiency and control we need new organizational models, routines and metrics.
Johannes Müller
Co-Founder & CEO
Pascal Fritzen
Only organizations with high autonomy, strong purpose and creative collaboration will succeed in the long run.
Pascal Fritzen
Co-Founder & CTO
Thomas Obermüller
Our goal is to get people working on the right things and make companies successful in a fast moving world.
Thomas Obermüller
Co-Founder & VP Engineering

On the path into a new era

The very beginning: on a mission to shape the working world of tomorrow
In 2017, Johannes Müller and Thomas Obermüller met while working at the fast-growing digital company Freeletics.  Their interest in sustainable organizational models and new forms of collaboration soon led them to offer consulting services to various companies.

These experiences and a growing awareness of how fundamentally leadership and organizations need to change in the digital age ultimately led to the birth of Workpath. The idea: an intuitive collaboration platform that centers teams around shared outcomes for greater focus, transparency and alignment, while making organizations more adaptable - no matter how much their environment changes.

A few weeks later, Pascal Fritzen joins Workpath as the third founder. He and Johannes had met while studying at CDTM, a program for digital technologies and entrepreneurship. Soon the first version of a user-centered software platform is created, which convinces its first customers a few months after its launch.

On the way: from software provider to platform
To support its customers holistically in the introduction and establishment of new work processes, first partnerships with consultancies, a comprehensive learning program with trainings and content as well as events and an active community of practitioners are created.

In addition to the project management layer, Workpath now also links key core metrics (KPIs) to outcomes. In a new product line, Workpath develops Analytics software for monitoring organizations and continuously optimizing strategy execution processes.

Workpath becomes the strategic operating system for agile organizations, empowering them to organize around shared outcomes.

Looking ahead: how businesses, teams and collaboration will work in the future
Efficiency and stability have long been the success factors for many companies, especially large ones.  In a new, more dynamic market environment, the rules of the game have changed. New competitors with little resources are challenging established players, moving faster. Customers are constantly looking for new products and services. Adaptability and speed are the principles of new market leaders.

Workpath enables companies to organize and manage around the new fixpoint of these markets: outcomes. The strategic operating system of this time is Workpath, the first Outcome Management Platform.

Workpath's advisors

A network of industry leaders, practitioners and scientific thought leaders guides Workpath on its journey to become a global enterprise platform for tomorrow’s working world.

Jörg Beyer
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Jörg Beyer is Co-Founder and former CEO of the B2B SaaS company LeanIX. Previously, he held the positions of Managing Director Inhouse Consulting and CIO Logistics at DHL.

Thomas Otter
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The former Global VP Product Management of SAP Success Factors, Thomas Otter, is an experienced mentor and consultant for various HRTECH companies.

Maximilian Hasler
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Maximilian Hasler, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Konux, brings in-depth experience in successfully scaling SaaS companies to Workpath, especially in the areas finance and operations.

Nate Glissmeyer
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With more than 15 years of experience in various management roles (including Director Product Development Amazon) in the areas of product and IT, Nate Glissmeyer is an expert in software firms and the enterprise market.


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