The right plan to match your strategy execution maturity

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Manage your outcomes with full flexibility

Everything you need to get started, quick and easy. Limited costs - unlimited features to explore Workpath.
The standard plan for enterprises seeking to keep Outcome Management lean and adding only the functionalities they really need
Starting at 7€ user/month
The all-in plan for enterprises aiming to make the most out of Outcome Management with the full range of functionality already included
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Always included
Goal Stakeholders
Goal Cycles
Goal Alignment
Contribution Requests
Recommended Actions
Over-time-charts & Update Feeds
Explorer & Custom Goal Filters
Company Insights
Team management
Organizational nesting level
Google Login / SAML SSO
Jira / Azure DevOps
Microsoft Teams
Strategy Execution Excellence
All key metrics in one place
Capacity planning and reporting
Organizational OKR Maturity
Platform Customization
Professional Services
Onboarding Standard
Onboarding Enhanced
E-Learning - OKR Basic
Monthly Check-ins with CSM
Quarterly Business Reviews with CSM
Trainings & Certifications
Please check out our available enablement formats here.

If you are interested in a bundle offer for services and training format, please contact our Sales team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

We know each organization has different needs when it comes to outcome management and strategy execution which is why we offer a range of plans designed to match your individual goals.

Workpath Launch Kit is the best fit for companies looking to professionalize smaller OKR programs through an inexpensive combination of software and training. You can explore the details and buy it here.

Workpath CORE is the right plan for enterprises that want to manage outcomes sufficiently and add further functionalities relevant to the organization. You pay for what you need and nothing more.

Workpath ADVANCE is the best choice for enterprises that would like to use the extended range of features and skip the process of choosing features to add. You pay for all-in access from the start.

How long is the free trial?

You can test Workpath and all its features for free for 14 days. After your trial ends, you will not be charged or signed up to another plan automatically.

Is there a minimum contract value?

The yearly minimum contract value is 15.000€.

How long does the rollout take?

Depending on the organization's size and complexity, it takes 10 weeks on average to set up Workpath, train all stakeholders, conduct the initial drafting and alignment sessions and kick off the first cycle officially.

How does Workpath handle security?

Implementing state-of-the-art legal, privacy and security measures is our biggest priority. You can read about how we handle and secure your data in detail here.