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Basic setup for starters and mid-sized companies
OKR Goal Management
Visualizations & Goal Explorer
Metrics & Insights
Excel & CSV Export
Support: Mail & Help Center
Slack Integration
SSO & HRIS Integration
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Fully-fledged platform ready to scale
Everything from PROFESSIONAL
Nested Teams
Analytics Suite
Custom Integrations (Workday, Jira, etc.)
Data Migration & Initial Setup
Enterprise Support & Deployment
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Initial OKR Rollout Enablement
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Workpath Light: Get started quickly, easily and successfully with OKR from 99€

Workpath Light is the simple, software-based and fast start with OKR for teams that do not want to leave success to chance. Workpath Light is combination of Workpath software and a selected OKR training format. Get started today.


Why enterprises choose Workpath

Customers have shown an ROI of +2000% after one year of using the Workpath software.

Enterprise expertise and all-in-one enablement

Workpath is the leading solution provider with enterprise transformation expertise, proven frameworks as well as a global network of practitioners and certified experts.

The most adaptive platform for agile strategy execution

Workpath provides the most flexible infrastructure for future-proof processes, supporting cross-functional teams as well as hybrid structures and coordination beyond the org chart.

Enterprise Analytics

Workpath provides new predictive metrics that let managers course-correct on the go. Integrating data from various sources, the analytics suite identifies obstacles and synergies for better strategy execution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan should I opt for?

For organizations that only need integrations into existing HR information systems and authentication via SAML, the professional plan is a good choice. For a more company-specific setup and organizations with more than 500 employees, the Enterprise plan is the go-to option. Here, packages can be tailored to the specific challenges of the company.

Is there a free test version of Workpath?

With Workpaths € 10 Million Innovators Program you can apply for credits. Companies that get accepted can redeem their credits to start using Workpath completely for free. Find more information about the program soon on this page.

How long are the contract periods?

The minimum contract period is one year. However, special conditions are granted for contract periods of two to five years. More than 86% of Workpath customers therefore opt for a contract period of two years or longer.

Is there a minimum contract value?

Yes, there is a minimum contract value of € 21.000 per year.

How do you handle data protection and security at Workpath?

GDPR compliance, data protection and information security are a top priority at Workpath. Redundant servers as well as continuous backups ensure that your data is safe under any circumstances. Moreover, all communication is exclusively conducted through SSL encrypted channels. Certifications and exclusive hosting on the infrastructure of the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany make Workpath the leader in enterprise security.  Learn more about Workpath’s security policies on the product page.

Can I add new users later?

You can invite and add users at any point in time. The billing will be prorated.

Where can I find additional training, workshops and consulting services?

On our professional service page you can find all information on Workpath’s training offers, dates and consulting partners.

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