Workpath is the Enterprise Outcome Management platform

Comparing Workpath to Quantive

Quantive offers up a results platform for employees to track Goals and KPIs for all kinds of teams. This is an effective way of increasing the agile potential of your team. But deploying outcome mindset across thousands of employees and business units requires more.

If you are working in an SMB then Quantive is a good choice…

Quantive’s OKR management and ‘plug and play’ style analytics represent a good solution for teams who need a tool to track goals, manage tasks and increase employee engagement. Using a simple goal tracking tool is a great way to drive adoption of a new process like OKR. Thus, if you are running a small business or a team and are looking for a quick-fix goal-setting solution, then Quantive is a good choice.

If you want to drive transparency and alignment at the enterprise level, read on:

Workpath helps Strategic, Financial, Transformation Office, Operational Excellence, Portfolio Management and IT and R&D departments to transform their business around outcomes. Beyond goal-setting, it also supports vertical and horizontal alignment. It comes equipped with powerful analytics and reporting as well. In essence, Workpath helps large companies focus on executing their strategy.

Face today’s challenges

What can you actually do with Workpath?

We help businesses define and achieve their most important goals. Especially in tough economic times when resources are scarce we empower you to:

  • Execute reliably on efficiency and savings goals

  • Identify unseen waste and focus resources where they matter most

  • Course-correct and bounce back to growth quickly


Read what our customers have to say about us

We chose Workpath because it is not only a simple-to-use tool, but also a collaborative partner. They provide us with a wealth of knowledge, training and especially for me as a Program Lead with a very supportive relationship.

With the progress visualization and transparency we can see what progress is made, who is aligned and who is contributing to one another. And that kind of transparency is triggering discussions now that get down to what we are actually doing in this company and why we are doing it.

Workpath’s advantages

How are we different?

For comparison we took into account the mid-level tier of Quantive Results “Scale".

Truly built for enterprises

We offer a complete professional service suite to help enterprises succeed with our solution. This includes a dedicated Onboarding Manager to decrease time-to-value and a Customer Success Manager who provides change-management and leadership workshops. We also have a network of consulting partners available. These services are included in our base plan "Core".

Powerful analytics suite

Workpath's analytics suite enables managers to make real-time, data-driven decisions in the enterprise context. Our extensive analytics can track OKR process health, business KPIs, and more. Workpath also offers flexible reporting modules to create custom insights. Overall, Workpath is a one-stop-shop for efficient decision-making.

Enterprise-level security

Workpath's Advanced package offers up to 7 organizational levels and allows for multiple instances, making it suitable for enterprises. Our platform also has a comprehensive, enterprise-grade Information Security policy, legal framework, and rigorous data privacy standards to ensure the confidentiality of organizational data.

Workpath & Quantive side by side

How do we compare?

Features, Integrations & Security
Individual, Team & Org. Goals
Metric, Binary & Milestone KRs
OKR Templates
Approval Workflows
Comms & Project Management Integrations
Horizontal Alignment
Contribution Requests
Check-In Conversations
Capacity Manager
Customizable Terminology
Single Sign-On
Open API
Data exclusively stored & processed
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Analytics & Reporting
Basic OKR Performance Metrics
Strategy Execution Report
Cycle Steering Report
Capacity Manager Report
OKR Maturity Report
Custom Reports
Goal Graph
Enablement & Support
Customer Success Support
OKR Online Video Training & Certification
Leadership Coaching
Complimentary Onboarding Services
Online community & local events
OKR example database
Quarterly Business Reviews
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Customer fit

Why Workpath might not be right for you

If you are an SMB

OKRs are really powerful but to successfully implement them you also need to put in place solid processes. We provide change management and professional services to this purpose, which are tailored to enterprise scale.

If customization is not a priority for you

Workpath's software and support can be tailored to individual needs to successfully scale a new way of working. If scaling and personalization are not top priorities, a more rudimentary OKR/Task Management tool may be sufficient.

If you do not need elaborate analytics

Workpath provides real-time performance analytics and in-depth reports for enterprise-level strategy execution, enabling informed decision-making with data consolidated from multiple sources.

Find the right plan to match your strategy execution maturity