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G2 Reviewer
Verified User in Management Consulting
"Top notch Outcome Management Software Suite"
“I appreciate its user-friendly interface and ease of use. The software is designed to be intuitive and customizable, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to streamline their workforce management processes.Another benefit of Workpath is its flexibility. The software can be customized to fit the specific needs of different industries and businesses, and it can be integrated with other software solutions to create a seamless workflow.”
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Dijena D.
Project Manager Agile Methods & Processes
"Very good user experience"
“I find Workpath highly commendable for its excellent support in managing OKRs, fostering transparency, and tracking teams' maturity within the methodology. The user-friendly features provide continuous assistance throughout the OKR cycle events. Additionally, the platform's customer-focused approach, reflected in timely releases of new features and product updates based on customer experience and feedback, is noteworthy.”
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Sarah M.
"Great fit for our company"
“We started tracking our OKRs with Workpath in April 2016. Since then, we have almost doubled in size and are now 140 employees. For us, Workpath is a great fit because it's a very flexible and powerful tool, yet it's kept intuitive and "clean" and helped us communicating our goals, especially with new colleagues quickly.”
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Matúš R.
Senior Management Consultant, Corporate Solutions Operations
"Great for your OKRs management"
“I appreciate Workpath for its user-friendly interface, providing a clear overview of all organizational OKRs with dependencies. This feature addresses challenges and improves our understanding of the OKR landscape.”
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Philip E.
Stakeholder Manager
"User First Design for Managing OKRs"
“Excellent integration with OKR methodology (not just data entry tool); user-first design approach; actively seek out customer feedback *before* developing new features. Full Tableau integration to analyze and learn about our user base. Check-in capabilities in order to structure discussions. Public APIs and integration with JIRA is big plus. Easy to use drill down approach that even our casual users engaged!”
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Marcel P.
OKR Program Lead
"An intuitive software that helps a lot to achieve our goals and give transparency to all"
“The usability The analytics + The chart, that shows the alignment is so helpful The Check Ins The CSM is absolutely perfect. It is helping a lot, to not only have a software but also a lot of knowledge that is shared. Also the guys from Workpath are always available to help with the software or with the OKR Framework itself. Great customer experience from our side.”
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Katharina G.
Capability Owner Digital Methods and Tools Consumer Goods
"A professional and fun to work with software and team!"
“Workpath is user-friendly, especially for OKR newcomers, providing a visually appealing overview of OKRs, roles, and status. It offers features like built-in guides for effective OKRs and check-in functionality. The platform supports mirroring organizational structures with multiple divisions and flight levels. Advanced analytics enable cycle steering, team engagement assessment, and strategic execution. It supports a threefold approach of objectives, key results, and initiatives, with KPI integration.”
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Mare R.
Corporate Office Internet of Things and Digitalization - Global IoT Innovation
"Easy-to-use tool, great coaching based on results-oriented thinking/motivated support team behind it"
“Workpath impresses with its customer-centric focus, simplicity, and effective challenge to internal customs and hierarchies. The platform's easy onboarding and utilization of existing processes contribute to a seamless experience. Its high customer orientation ensures both substantial and visible benefits, fostering a results-driven mindset.”
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Helmut Schweighofer, CEO DB Schenker
Jasper Kunow
Managing Director Central Eastern Europe

I highly recommend working with the experts at Workpath - from the initial discovery workshops to deep dives on strategy implementation and joint planning sessions. The expertise we have experienced is first class and has enabled us as a leadership team to identify some of the key levers to improve the delivery of our strategic objectives. Some of the insights from these workshops were already known beforehand, but Workpath's facilitation helped us to structure them effectively to ultimately improve the impact of our strategy.

Helmut Schweighofer, CEO DB Schenker
Timo Salzsieder
Chief Solution Officer/CIO

With the Workpath software, we can see at a glance which goals of different teams and levels contribute to each other and mutual responsibilities and dependencies become clear, especially across team boundaries. This is essential for an organization of our size.

Helmut Schweighofer, CEO DB Schenker
Helmut Schweighofer
CEO Region Europe

After being in different leadership roles for many years in the dynamic world of logistics at DB Schenker, I've learned that success isn't just about moving goods—it's about moving minds. OKRs empower us to transform strategy into action, shift our focus from outputs to outcomes, and align priorities seamlessly. By cascading these OKR, we unlock the true potential of our international teams, turning aspirations into achievements on every route we navigate.


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OKRs at Bosch PT-BE

Bosch Power Tools Emerging Markets, a division of Bosch PT, implemented OKRs to become a more resilient and adaptive organization. Workpath's Outcome Management Platform supported Bosch PT-BE on this journey by providing guidance and expertise.

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Workpath Comprehensive OKR Guide
Workpath Comprehensive OKR Guide

OKRs at e.dialog Netz

e.dialog Netz was looking for a platform to digitalize its strategy processes and related KPIs. The goal was to ensure the transparency of the company's goals and to improve communication.

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OKRs at DB Schenker

DB Schenker wanted to avoid emerging discrepancies between the overarching strategy and the actual work coming from the teams at its European sites.

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Workpath Comprehensive OKR Guide
Helmut Schweighofer, CEO DB Schenker
Zwetomir Karagaschki
OKR & Agile Coach Metro.digital

Because we are focusing on what we want do deliver in the next OKR cycle, we can actually do it.

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Helmut Schweighofer, CEO DB Schenker
Dominik Borgel
Head of Strategic Projects DB Schenker

We chose Workpath because it is not only a simple-to-use tool, but also a collaborative partner. They provide us with a wealth of knowledge, training and especially for me as a Program Lead with a very supportive relationship.

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Helmut Schweighofer, CEO DB Schenker
Constantin Möckelmann
Senior Project Manager HELLA

Workpath helps us to make the principles of the OKR framework more tangible and dependencies more transparent.

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