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Unleash your strategy's full potential with AI-empowered teams

AI will increase productivity and speed in unprecedented ways, but the true potential of AI is not in replacing humans. Its power lies in augmenting and expanding human capabilities to enable better, faster strategic decisions and execute them flawlessly.

Workpath AI empowers customers to improve strategic decision making and goal achievement faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The future of strategy execution

Workpath AI for the future of strategy execution

Since its founding, Workpath has been about empowering teams to define and achieve their most important goals. Workpath AI multiplies all the benefits of Workpath. It won't replace humans in strategy work, but it will augment human intelligence and unleash a boost in productivity and speed. Workpath's vision is to do this by leveraging AI in five key areas:

Descriptive Intelligence

Automate real-time analytics for faster, more efficient reporting.

Generative Intelligence

Suggest content and metrics for clarity and speed in planning and communication.

Diagnostic Intelligence

Analyze huge amounts of data to identify patterns and causes of inefficiencies in strategic processes.

Predictive Intelligence

Anticipate trends and scenarios earlier for faster decisions.

Advising Intelligence

Recommend actions for better decisions and faster goal achievement.

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Workpath's AI Use Cases in Strategy and Execution

Workpath provides AI-based capabilities throughout the entire strategy cycle.

Workpath AI already has several features live. Feel free to check them out and experience first-hand how they can add value to your strategy execution process. For more information, contact our team!

Workpath's OKR Generator

Generate OKRs with AI in seconds

Creating OKRs can be one of the most time-consuming and challenging phases of strategic planning. Workpath's AI-powered OKR Generator transforms this tedious task into a streamlined, efficient process. By providing guiding questions, wording assistance, and inspiring examples, it significantly reduces the hours your team spends drafting OKRs, while improving the quality and elevating the discussion around what's most important next.

Leverage AI to generate your OKRs in seconds and unlock team productivity, speed and adoption!

Workpath's AI OKR Coach

Enable your teams to work with OKRs at scale

Scaling OKR implementation across large organizations requires significant resources and often leads to reliance on expensive consultants. Workpath's AI OKR Coach addresses this challenge by empowering your teams to efficiently create and refine high-quality OKRs at scale. This tool streamlines the brainstorming and goal-setting process and enhances your internal OKR expertise, freeing program leads to focus on core strategic priorities.

Try the AI OKR Coach to scale team enablement and reduce your coaching and consulting costs!

AI Quality Checker for OKRs

Improve the quality of your team's OKRs with AI

Achieving high quality OKRs that truly drive business success is a nuanced challenge. Workpath's AI Quality Checker addresses this by analyzing your OKRs against the essential criteria of outcome orientation, customer focus, and measurability. The tool can then provide accurate, actionable feedback so your teams can get inspiration and refine your OKRs for maximum effectiveness. Workpath data shows that teams that adhere to these best practices outperform their peers on average by up to 30%.

Improve the quality of your team's OKRs and increase goal achievement with Workpath's OKR Quality Checker!

AI Quality Checker for OKRs

Workpath customers already use the Quality Checker to get actionable feedback on their OKRs

Through this comprehensive assessment, teams can refine their goal-setting skills, which naturally deepens their understanding of OKRs. They also improve the quality of their OKRs, which Workpath data shows correlates with improved goal achievement. Therefore, by expanding the use of the OKR Quality Checker throughout your organization, your teams will be able to surpass their past performance and achieve their goals faster and more reliably.

Create new and improved pricing for our product

  • KR1: Decide and rollout new pricing
  • KR2: Reduce the average sales cycle length from 30 days to 20 days

Overall Quality: 5 / 10

The objective lacks specificity and does not fully meet the quality criteria, particularly in being qualitative, customer-centric, value-oriented, and future-driven. The key results vary in quality, with one being well-defined and measurable, while the others need more specific metrics and alignment with the objective's promises.

Objective Quality: 4 / 10

Create new and improved pricing for our product

The objective lacks a clear customer focus and value statement. It does not articulate who the customer is and what specific value they receive.


Consider rephrasing to include who benefits (e.g., "customers," "users") and what the direct benefit to them is (e.g., "more affordable," "value-aligned").

Key Result Quality: 2/10

KR1: Decide and rollout new pricing


Consider transforming this Key Result into an outcome that measures the effectiveness or impact of the new pricing. Possible Solution: "Achieve a 5% increase in profit margins due to optimized pricing."

Key Result Quality: 10/10

KR2: Reduce the average sales cycle length from 30 days to 20 days


This Key Result is well-defined but should clarify how it connects more directly with the new pricing strategy. Possible Solution: "Shorten sales cycles by 10 days reflecting customer satisfaction with new pricing."

Workpath offers state-of-the-art AI solutions... but only with your organization’s permission!

Workpath's AI features require your consent to be enabled. Our team is ready to assist you with your internal security assessment and pricing information.

Reach out now to get started!

Expertise-Driven AI

AI Training Data & Security at Workpath
Workpath AI is not trained on customer data

Workpath's AI is trained by the expertise and years of knowledge of Workpath's experts, who have worked with hundreds of enterprises to gain deep insights into strategy execution.

Through this unique approach, we're able to deliver AI-driven tools and insights that are deeply rooted in the principles of effective and actionable strategy planning.

So what kind of data does Workpath use to power its AI models?

In essence, Workpath's AI leverages our expert's knowledge of strategy execution, enhanced by a high-quality, context-rich framework.

This framework clearly distinguishes strategic artifacts, KPIs, OKRs, and initiatives, each of which provides context and enhances the AI's understanding of your strategic environment. This structured approach allows Workpath AI to provide not just generic advice, but specific, actionable guidance tailored to the nuances of your organization's strategic priorities. This makes Workpath AI not just a generic solution, but a reliable partner.

Learn how Workpath uses cloud-based AI deployments to ensure high levels of security and scalability!

Product Roadmap

Workpath AI Labs

As part of our commitment to revolutionize strategy execution with AI, Workpath is charting a bold course for the future. Our development team is working diligently to push the boundaries of what AI can do for strategy execution. Here's a look at what we're developing and what you can expect in the near and distant future:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Workpath AI

What is Workpath AI?

Workpath AI is our suite of artificial intelligence tools designed to enhance and automate the strategic planning and execution process for organizations. Through the use of AI, Workpath aims to empower leaders to make better decisions and achieve their strategic goals more efficiently.

Does Workpath AI use customer data?

No, Workpath AI is not trained on customer data. Instead, it leverages our extensive domain knowledge and structured data sets, including strategic artifacts, KPIs, OKRs, and initiatives as context. This ensures that the advice and insights provided are both highly relevant and secure.

How does Workpath ensure the security of its AI models?

Workpath uses Microsoft Azure's cloud infrastructure to run its AI models, ensuring robust security and privacy. We have opted out of data usage features that could compromise data integrity, and all data exchanged with Azure is encrypted in transit. Microsoft does not retain or analyze data from Workpath or our customers.

Do I need to give permission for Workpath to enable AI features?

Yes, enabling Workpath AI features requires your explicit consent. We prioritize data security and integrity, and part of that commitment is ensuring our customers are comfortable with how AI is integrated into their strategic processes. We also offer assistance with your internal security assessments to ensure a smooth and secure integration.

Can Workpath AI provide customized advice for my organization?

Absolutely. Thanks to the structured and context-rich framework of our AI models, Workpath AI can provide specific, actionable advice that is directly applicable to your organization's strategic journey. This tailored approach helps our AI understand the unique challenges and opportunities your organization faces.

How can I stay informed about new AI features and updates from Workpath?

To stay up to date on the latest AI developments and feature launches at Workpath, we invite you to subscribe to our product newsletter. Additionally, for those interested in a more hands-on experience with our AI development, joining our AI Co-Creation Program is an excellent way to preview new features and learn how to leverage AI for strategic execution in your organization.

What are the upcoming features in Workpath's AI roadmap?

Our AI product roadmap is focused on extending AI capabilities throughout the strategy execution cycle. You can expect to see features that recommend alignment opportunities, identify potential roadblocks, automate reporting, and more. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to innovate and expand our AI offerings.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Workpath AI can transform your organization's strategy execution, please don't hesitate to contact us.