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The definition of business agility and how to put it into practice
This article aims to clarify workplace agility, discussing its benefits, challenges and how to adapt agile ways of working to improve efficiency and adaptability in the ever-evolving business world.
Workpath's OKR Goal Setting Workshop Guide
Whether you're a seasoned leader, an OKR Coach or a team member eager to contribute, this workshop blueprint will equip you with the tools and insights to chart a clear path forward for your organization.
Workpaths Retrospective Guide
The article guides readers on how to conduct Retrospectives in organizations to improve the OKR cycle, distinguishing them from Reviews and providing a structured meeting agenda.
Unlocking KPI Excellence with Workpath
Learn how to ensure your OKRs are driving your KPIs in the right direction with Workpath.
Accelerate Strategy Execution: Identifying and Overcoming Roadblocks with Workpath
This article delves into how Workpath can revolutionize your strategic journey by helping to identify and remove blockers
Roles & Responsibilities in an OKR Rollout
In this article, you'll learn about the key roles in an OKR Rollout and how they need to work together to ensure a successful change process.
Bridging Strategy and Action: Unveil the Power of Workpath's MS Teams Integration
Workpath's MS Teams integration provides a solution to the strategy execution gap by ensuring that everyone is properly involved in strategy execution.
Adapting Strategy Execution for the Modern Age: Agility and Customer Value
This article explores the potential of an iterative approach that privileges innovation, rapid action, and customer satisfaction as vital tools in navigating this complexity.
How to avoid hidden costs in your Pharma company
Learn how Outcome Management can help pharma organizations achieve alignment and improve efficiency by setting clear objectives and key results and tracking progress towards achieving them.
Outcome Management in the Pharma Industry during Economic Downturns
Find out how Outcome Management, based on OKRs, can be a highly effective framework to help the pharmaceutical industry meet its economic challenges.
How to avoid hidden costs in your logistics company
Learn how Outcome Management can help logistics organizations achieve alignment and improve efficiency by setting clear objectives and key results and tracking progress towards achieving them.
5 signs your logistics
company needs OKRs
Wondering if your logistics company should also consider OKRs? In this article, we will show you five signs that indicate your team is ready for OKRs.
Increasing efficiency in logistics: Optimizing the supply chain with OKRs and outcome orientation
In this article, you will learn about how logistics organizations can react to disruptions faster and in a more agile way while increasing efficiency – with Outcome Management through OKRs.
The Proof is Here: The 4 OKR Planning Behaviors that will increase your Goal Delivery Rate
By analyzing five years of data, we identified behaviors that directly improve goal achievement that, if implemented correctly, can enhance the goal delivery rate by 12.5%.
How to get CFO buy-in for an Outcome Management solution
Learn how to demonstrate to your CFO the value of an outcome management platform and how your entire organization can benefit from shifting its operating model to one based on outcomes.
The effects of the economic downturn on Pharma companies and their strategy execution
Pharma expert Doru Dinu from Romania shares insights on how the economic downturn has impacted big Pharma companies and the challenges they are now facing.
Why now is the time to add a tool: Achieve your cost saving goals with Workpath
Workpath helps Enterprise businesses meet their efficiency goals with less risk and resources - now and for the years to come.
How to survive a recession: 4 ways to cost-saving with Outcome Management
Learn how Outcome Management can help you reduce costs in a healthy way while keeping the customer in mind.
Meeting crises with innovation – with the help of Outcome Management
Innovation based on Outcome Management is one way through the economic downturn as well as it is a tool to become a future-proof business.
Setting goals with EOS: Understanding the method and its benefits
In this article, we will tell you what the EOS method entails, the main differences to OKR, and how the two methods can be combined.
The future of performance management
In this article, we will tell you the essentials of modern performance management and give you nine basic principles you can follow.
Ownership matters: How to encourage employee accountability
In this article we will show you how ownership can be promoted in your organization, why this is important and which tools can help.
The path to digitalization - How OKRs support change
In this article, we will discuss the challenges change management faces when it comes to digitalization and how OKRs can help.
Short yet effective! How Check-ins can support your strategy execution
Find out everything you need to know about OKR check-ins and how to prepare and carry them out in the best possible way.
ESG - Creating a healthy company foundation
In this article, we will tell you what ESG is, why it is important for companies and how OKRs can help you successfully implement it.
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