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Fighting workplace uncertainty with OKR and coaching
In this article, we'll tell you how to use targeted coaching and OKRs to handle uncertainties and how to prevent them.
Interview with Elena Zhukova, Co-founder of OKR Poland
In the interview, Elena gave us many insights on her work as an OKR Coach, providing you with many hints and tricks on how to shift to outcome-centered work more smoothly.
Making people happier with the help of outcomes: The journey of a mental health start-up
In this series, we accompany Mindventure on its journey to set itself up for success by becoming more outcome centric.
5 requirements for successful OKR implementation in large enterprises
In this article, we will show you a list of five essentials when it comes to successful OKR implementation.
Remote OKR workshops—How to succeed in the virtual world
In this article, we will show you how you can conduct OKR workshops in virtual settings, what matters most when doing so and, when prepared properly, how they can be just as effective as face-to-face meetings.
The company philosophy
In this article, you will learn what components make up a company philosophy and what makes a good one.
OKRs and daily business: How to combine them effectively
In this article, we will examine how OKRs and daily business relate to one another and how both can work together successfully for the company.
Google’s OKR success story
The success story behind OKRs at Google: From the beginnings in 1999 to the status quo. Even today, Google still uses OKRs with around 70,000 employees.
PDCA cycle - Structuring goal achievement
In this article, we will tell you how the PDCA-Cycle works, how it can help your company, and whether it is suitable for quick success. 
Agile organizations: advantages, challenges and methods
In this article, you will learn the advantages of an agile organization, where the challenges are and the methods market leaders are using.
OKR vs KPI - Definitions and joint strengths
OKR vs KPI - What is the definition of the two? What are the differences? And what are the joint strengths of both concepts when being combined? Learn more »
4 signs your company needs OKR
Find out if your company is ready for OKRs. Here you can find out everything about the signs that can indicate it to you.
Organizational Alignment: The complete guide to effectively aligning processes, teams, and goals
‍This guide will show you what organizational alignment is all about and how to apply it to your business or team.
RACI matrix: A helpful tool for agile processes
In this article we explain what a RACI matrix is all about, how to create such a matrix for your projects and when it might not be advisable to use it.
Manage goals with Workpath's free OKR template
Workpath's free, excel-based OKR template helps you to test OKRs for your organization and introduce them to small teams.
Criteria & Tips for Drafting professional OKRs
In this article, we explain how to formulate professional OKRs, which features to look out for and which mistakes to avoid.
Among like-minded people: The community of practice
In this article, we will explain what a Community of Practice entails, how you can start your own and the effects it can have on your OKR process.
​​How modern strategic communication works
In this article we explain which methods are suitable for modern strategy communication and how thinking in terms of outcomes can help.
Evidence-based management—recognizing your own capabilities
In this article you will learn what evidence-based management is, how it works and what needs to be considered.
Successful goal setting: 5 tips to achieve your outcomes
Set goals successfully - Find out here how you can significantly increase your chances of success with 5 simple tips.
MbO vs. OKR - Differences and similarities
MbO vs. OKR - Learn about the shared elements but also the differences in both methods and how to manage the shift from MbO to OKR in your company. Read more »
OKRs for small teams and units – discover Workpath Light
Workpath Light is an inexpensive offer for companies looking to support and professionalize smaller OKR programs – also already existing ones – through software and training.
Successfully combining OKRs and Kanban
In this article you will learn how OKRs can be integrated into Kanban and what advantages can arise from this.
OKRs ≠ Strategy: Why OKRs are no substitute for a company strategy
Find out here why OKRs should never replace corporate strategy and how to optimally combine the two.
Output vs. outcome: definition and differences
In this article, you will find out where the differences between output and outcome lie and what impact this has on your company.
Objectives and Key Results  (OKR) - A Definition
Objectives and Key Results - or for short OKR - are a widely discussed topic in the world of management systems. Learn all about them here »
New members for the Workpath leadership team
The Munich software-as-a-service company Workpath, Europe's market leader for outcome management, has expanded its management level with Pia Vieregge and Jakob Huhn.
Tools and software solutions for optimal company alignment
Read here what is important for a successful alignment and which tools can support you with it.
Workpath integrations: Integrate OKRs with your most essential tools and systems
In this article, you will learn what systems the OKR platform from Workpath can be integrated with, what the advantages are and how you can become a part of the process.
How OKRs support alignment across teams and hierarchies
Oftentimes companies struggle with one or both, horizontal and vertical alignment. Learn how OKRs and Workpath can help you to achieve alignment.
OKR books for beginners
Here you will find an overview of the most famous OKR books and their contents. Learn more about the authors and prepare yourself for your entry into the world of OKRs.
OKRs and 4DX
With the 4DX Framework, this article presents a technique that, especially in a business context, wants to prevent most goals from remaining mere wishful thinking and shows how OKRs can be combined with it.
Change Management in Agile Organizations
Here you will find out how good change management works and how OKRs can support a successful change process.
How to succeed with cross-functional alignment
How well are your teams aligned? Read here how cross-functional teams improve dependencies and master solutions to complex challenges.
New Pay - alternative remuneration models of the future
New Pay - alternative remuneration models that are tailored to the individual demands and needs of the workforce.
OKR examples for different departments
Discover OKR examples for different departments like Product, Finance, Marketing, HR and Sales as well as for leadership. Learn to draft good OKRs.
Agile leadership - more agility with the OKR method
Is agile leadership a good fit for my company? Read here, how agile leaders can act as enablers of agile transformation!
Diversity and Agility - a question of mindset... and training
Christina Stauner from EWC Edelweiss Consulting told us how she is managing to connect Diversity and Agility at EWC and external projects. Read how!
Review vs. Retrospective, or both? Differences and similarities of these agile meeting formats.
Review and retrospective meetings have much in common, but they pursue different goals and are not carried out in the same way.
QBR and OKR - How to get the most out of your quarterly figures
Learn how to combine your Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with OKRs in order to get the most out of your quarterly figures.
Workpath, Software platform for outcome-focused strategy execution, closes a 10.5 million euros Series A financing round
Workpath welcomes new tech investors Capnamic Ventures and Iris Capital alongside existing investors signals VC and HTGF and raises €10.5 MM.
Interview: OKRs at Scout24
Scout24 is one of the leading digital companies in Germany. We spoke to their Program Lead Max about the role of OKRs in their success story.
8 components for successful digital leadership
In order to do justice to the digital transformation, digital management methods are required. Thereby 8 important components are of particular importance.
4 ways how OKR can make your strategy transparent and accessible
One of the most important benefits of OKR is to provide transparency across organizations of any size. Read here how this facilitates executing strategies.
5 Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to OKR Software
The 5 most important reasons why spreadsheets are not enough to help you professionalize and constantly improve your work with OKR.
3 Things to Consider for a successful OKR implementation
A successful OKR implementation depends on various factors. Find out what to consider before you get started with OKRs.
Interview With Alex Bleau (Trivago): Making OKRs a Habit
Alexandru Bleau of Trivago gives insights into the OKR journey of his organization. Learn everything about their implementation, challenges and learnings.
OKR and Smart Goals
SMART Goals and OKRs are two sides of the same coin. Find out how you can leverage both to be more successful with better goals.
Workpath Welcomes Renowned Business Angels as New Advisory Board Members and Investors
Industry experts from Celonis, BCG, Personio, Konux and LeanIX join Workpath on our way to future growth.
The Workpath Jira Integration - Link daily work to your OKRs
OKR in SAFe: How to Operationalize Strategies in the Scaled Agile Framework
OKR is mentioned for the first time in version 5.0 of SAFe in the description of the Strategic Themes. There are also more use cases.
Dual Innovation - How to Scale Corporate Innovation Programs
OKR with Hoshin Kanri, OGSM and Other Frameworks
OKR, Hoshin Kanri, OGSM, and many other frameworks are used to measure success and performance. We explain differences and similarities.
Does performance management require personal OKRs for everyone?
Personal OKRs can be useful, but shouldn't be set for every role in the organization. A guest article by Roger Longden.
Targeted program and portfolio management with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
Carsten Frank of management and technology consultancy Campana & Schott explains agile management scenarios with OKR.
The OKR Cycle
The OKR cycle is the heart of every successful OKR-practicing organization. This article explains all the important stages and success factors.
OKRs According to the LEGO Principle - A Practitioner's Approach to Writing Good OKRs
Our guest author Dorenen Baseler of SAP explains how to write good OKRs according to the lego principle.
Why You (don’t) need OKR Software
OKR Software is not a must-have, when rolling out OKR, but offers many benefits in later stages like scaling benefits, integrations and Analytics.
The Check-in Meeting: Success Driver of Effective OKR Systems
The OKR Check-in is a brief meeting with the purpose of talking about progress and ensuring an efficient OKR process and focus of your team.
The 3 Cs 
that make OKRs successful
In this interview, Tim Meinhardt the CEO of Atruity talks about the most important success factors of OKRs.
These are the 8 most common OKR pitfalls
Learn about the eight most common OKR pitfalls, why most implementations fail, and how to make it a success.
OKRs and Balanced Scorecard
There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the differences between OKR and Balanced Scorecard. Here's how they differ and how they can be leveraged together.
Digital leaders & the future of performance management: An interview with Ursula Vranken
Ursula Vranken, CEO of IPA Consulting, speaks about performance management, digital leadership and many other topics.
OKRs at DB Systel – An interview with Doris Leinen
Doris Leinen drives the development of DB Systel. In this interview, she talks about the introduction of OKRs.
#Herostories: How to transform and digitalize a food giant
In this OKR Case Study, Metro CIO Timo Salzsieder talks about the transformation at the German food company.
Three common mistakes of objective-based leadership with OKRs
Objective-based leadership is gaining popularity. To be successful, organizations need to balance three vital aspects.
9 fundamental principles for the future of performance management
Anne Haker from HR Pepper and Johannes Müller, CEO of Workpath, spoke about the change and the future principles of performance management.
The definition of agility and how it can be put into practice
The definition of agility, why it is important today and what it takes to become an agile organization.
OKR and Scrum - How to Combine Both Worlds
OKR and Scrum are among the most popular agile concepts. Read here, why it makes sense to bring them together.
Interview – Self-organization at Zühlke Group
Lisa and Stefan of Zühlke explain the challenges of self-organization at the Self-organized Competence Unit (SCU).
Product Update: New 'For Me' View, Status is now Confidence Level
The Workpath Product Update from June 2020. The New "For Me" View, recommended actions and much more.
Making OKRs work – Lessons from OKR successes and failures
Case Study – OKRs at Digital Media Women e.V.
Maren Martschenko of Digital Media Women e.V. gives valuable insights into how OKRs can facilitate and advance volunteer work.
OKR implementation at Detecon – an interview with Marc Wagner
In this interview, Marc Wagner, Managing Partner explains how Detecon managed a successful OKR implementation and mindset change.
OKR Benefits: 6 reasons why you should start with OKRs now
Our guest author Markus Stenglein of New Work Squad explains how organizations benefit from OKR in crisis situations.
The Definition of New Work - Everything You need to know
What is New Work? In this article you will find the definition, examples and why it is so relevant these days.
Step by step working more strategically
The challenge of agile transformation - an interview of Workpath founder Johannes Müller with Boris Gloger
Johannes Müller and Boris Gloger from borisgloger consulting about the challenges of agile transformation
The agile organization - no issue for German medium-sized businesses?
The Workpath Credits Program
OKRs at FlixBus - Case Study
How Do You Measure The Success Of Your Agile Transformation?
The success of agile transformation initiatives is measured by various factors. In this guest article, Michal Vallo shares his thoughts.
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OKRs at MyMuesli – Case Study
OKRs at HolidayCheck - Case Study
Why organizational ambidexterity is the central key to success for future organizations
Fast Goals - why FAST is better than SMART for your goals
For a successful strategy implementation, the renowned MIT Sloan Management Review suggests using FAST goals instead of SMART goals.
Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Agile Teams - an Interview with Bart den Haak
How to use agile retrospectives to boost your performance
The stretch goal myth: when more ambition is really better
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