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The effects of the economic downturn on Pharma companies and their strategy execution
Pharma expert Doru Dinu from Romania shares insights on how the economic downturn has impacted big Pharma companies and the challenges they are now facing.
Why now is the time to add a tool: Achieve your cost saving goals with Workpath
Workpath helps Enterprise businesses meet their efficiency goals with less risk and resources - now and for the years to come.
How to survive a recession: 4 ways to cost-saving with Outcome Management
Learn how Outcome Management can help you reduce costs in a healthy way while keeping the customer in mind.
Meeting crises with innovation – with the help of Outcome Management
Innovation based on Outcome Management is one way through the economic downturn as well as it is a tool to become a future-proof business.
Setting goals with EOS: Understanding the method and its benefits
In this article, we will tell you what the EOS method entails, the main differences to OKR, and how the two methods can be combined.
The future of performance management
In this article, we will tell you the essentials of modern performance management and give you nine basic principles you can follow.
Ownership matters: How to encourage employee accountability
In this article we will show you how ownership can be promoted in your organization, why this is important and which tools can help.
The path to digitalization - How OKRs support change
In this article, we will discuss the challenges change management faces when it comes to digitalization and how OKRs can help.
Short yet effective! How Check-ins can support your strategy execution
Find out everything you need to know about OKR check-ins and how to prepare and carry them out in the best possible way.
ESG - Creating a healthy company foundation
In this article, we will tell you what ESG is, why it is important for companies and how OKRs can help you successfully implement it.
Fighting workplace uncertainty with OKR and coaching
In this article, we'll tell you how to use targeted coaching and OKRs to handle uncertainties and how to prevent them.
Interview with Elena Zhukova, Co-founder of OKR Poland
In the interview, Elena gave us many insights on her work as an OKR Coach, providing you with many hints and tricks on how to shift to outcome-centered work more smoothly.
Making people happier with the help of outcomes: The journey of a mental health start-up
In this series, we accompany Mindventure on its journey to set itself up for success by becoming more outcome centric.
5 requirements for successful OKR implementation in large enterprises
In this article, we will show you a list of five essentials when it comes to successful OKR implementation.
Remote OKR workshops—How to succeed in the virtual world
In this article, we will show you how you can conduct OKR workshops in virtual settings, what matters most when doing so and, when prepared properly, how they can be just as effective as face-to-face meetings.
The company philosophy
In this article, you will learn what components make up a company philosophy and what makes a good one.
OKRs and daily business: How to combine them effectively
In this article, we will examine how OKRs and daily business relate to one another and how both can work together successfully for the company.
Google’s OKR success story
The success story behind OKRs at Google: From the beginnings in 1999 to the status quo. Even today, Google still uses OKRs with around 70,000 employees.
PDCA cycle - Structuring goal achievement
In this article, we will tell you how the PDCA-Cycle works, how it can help your company, and whether it is suitable for quick success. 
Agile organizations: advantages, challenges and methods
In this article, you will learn the advantages of an agile organization, where the challenges are and the methods market leaders are using.
OKR vs KPI - Definitions and joint strengths
OKR vs KPI - What is the definition of the two? What are the differences? And what are the joint strengths of both concepts when being combined? Learn more »
4 signs your company needs OKR
Find out if your company is ready for OKRs. Here you can find out everything about the signs that can indicate it to you.
Organizational Alignment: The complete guide to effectively aligning processes, teams, and goals
‍This guide will show you what organizational alignment is all about and how to apply it to your business or team.
RACI matrix: A helpful tool for agile processes
In this article we explain what a RACI matrix is all about, how to create such a matrix for your projects and when it might not be advisable to use it.
Manage goals with Workpath's free OKR template
Workpath's free, excel-based OKR template helps you to test OKRs for your organization and introduce them to small teams.
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