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Major Outcomes

Here at Major Outcomes we meet great people and their teams, working on some of the most important goals of our time.
We meet leaders in business, politics, science, non-governmental organizations, sometimes even from sports.
We learn about what drives them, how they define their goals and how they work to achieve them.
We learn about how they build their organizations around the outcomes they want to achieve, their ways of working and their routines and processes.

We meet people who share our mission and goals:
1) Great Work and Economic Growth (Prosperity)
2) Reduced Inequalities
3) Climate Action /Healthy Planet
4) Quality Education
5) Partnerships for the Goals

We are strongly convinced (and we meet people who drive this change or will be strongly affected by it):
  • The world needs outcome-driven politics - governments that define goals
  • The Outcome Economy is coming - we need to redefine how organizations are modeled, built, led, steered and developed
  • Defining and pursuing the outcomes that are most important for you is a transformative experience/process: it is a growth process that is about self awareness and positioning, about standing out and developing a unique strategy that sets you up for success

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S5E4: OKRs and Leadership Style - the 4 most common pitfalls 🇬🇧

Cristina Popa

In today’s podcast, we talk with Cristina Popa on the role of leadership styles and how they facilitate or hinder transformation programs in the enterprise space.

S5E5: Robust Leadership 🇬🇧

Dr. Felix von Held from IICM

In today's podcast with Dr. Felix von Held we talk about robust leadership. Robust leadership highlights organizational and leadership capabilities that see change and uncertainty as opportunity and chance.

S5E3: OKRs und Familienunternehmen 🇩🇪

Dr. Maximilian Lude von Philoneos

In unserer heutigen Episode sprechen wir mit Dr. Maximilian Lude über Familienunternehmen und den deutschen Mittelstand.

S5E2: Participative Strategy Development 🇬🇧

Niels Rasmussen from +RASMUSSEN

In today’s podcast, we talk with Niels Rasmussen about outcome-based thinking and participative strategy development

S5E1: Outcome-Driven Finance 🇬🇧

Marie-Luise Lehmann from Deloitte

Marie-Luise Lehmann from Deloitte on the role of Finance and CFOs in steering their companies in times of volatility and uncertainty.

S4E6: Mastering Change🇬🇧

Ana Pacios Escudero & Philipp Schoel from Workpath

Ana Pacios Escudero and Philipp Schoel about data analytics and mastering change.

S4E5: Executing Outcomes🇬🇧

Simon Bock from Workpath

Simon Bock about productivity killers, focus, and ways to actually reach your goals.

S4E4: The alignment challenge🇬🇧

Isabell Stahl from Workpath

Isabell Stahl about the advantages of good alignment and the difficulties of getting there.

S4E3: Clear Outcomes at Hella🇬🇧

Katharina Ortkrass and Constantin Möckelmann from Hella

In this episode you will get some insights into the transformation process at Hella and learn how they handle the topic of clear outcomes.

S4E2: Setting clear outcomes🇬🇧

Robert Kleinscheck from Workpath

Robert Kleinscheck about the difficulties of setting clear outcomes and how to approach this task

S4E1: The main problems of todays organizations🇬🇧

Simon Bock from Workpath

Simon Bock about common problem spaces companies have to deal with in our modern age

S3E10: Mehr Mut zur Veränderung 🇩🇪

Philipp Depiereux von Change Rider

Philipp Depiereux über die Digitalisierung in der Unternehmenswelt.

S3E9: Think big, start small, learn fast 🇬🇧

Patrik Olofsson from INGKA - IKEA

Patrik Olofsson about his experience with transformational processes and OKRs.

S3E8: How to build an outcome oriented mindset 🇬🇧

Andreea Havrisciuc from Metro Digital

Andreea Havrișciuc on outcome orientation and dealing with failure.

S3E7: Wie sich das etablierte Organisationsmodell der Industriegesellschaft verändern muss 🇩🇪

mit Christopher Freese von BCG

Christopher Freese über Transformations- und Digitalisierungsprozesse

S3E6: Wie man mit positiver Energie das Beste aus einem Unternehmen rausholt 🇩🇪

Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch von der Universität St. Gallen.

Heike Bruch über Unternehmenskultur und organisationale Energie.

OKR-Forum Special - Part 2 🇬🇧

Jelmer Koekkoek, Juuso Hämmaläinen, Khalil Medina

OKR-Forum Special - Part 1 🇬🇧

Francesca Nardocci, Andreea Havrișciuc, Alberto Libretti

S2E8: OKRs als Motor für Nachhaltige Veränderung 🇩🇪

S2E8 Natalija Hellesoe - Autorin "OKRs at the Center"

S1E9: "Superteams" & OKRs 🇩🇪

Mathias Gorf - HolidayCheck Group AG

S1E1: Gründungsgeschichte von Workpath, die Entstehung vom Major Outcomes Podcast und viel mehr 🇩🇪

Johannes Müller - Workpath CEO

In dieser allerersten Folge erfährst du, welche Idee sich hinter Major Outcomes versteckt, was der Name bedeutet und was uns bei Workpath motiviert. Lasse dich anstecken von unserer Energie!

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