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case study


E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH faced the challenge of convincing internal departments that OKRs are a helpful tool rather than additional work - and that they will lead to outcome-centred strategy implementation.

This case study shows how EDG, with the help of Workpath

  • adapted the OKR framework to its own needs
  • improved transparency and alignment
  • won many new OKR fans within the organisation
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EON Cover
Micaela Schramm from EON
OKR Master, Lean & Agile Coach EDG
case study

OKRs at Metro

Metro AG faced the challenge of breaking down the silos of its decentralised divisions and promoting their communication and cooperation in order to put customer value at the centre of all initiatives.

In this case study, learn how Metro AG has

  • implemented more outcome orientation using OKRs and Workpath
  • achieved a more focused way of working and better alignment of teams to common business goals
  • achieved shorter coordination and development cycles
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Metro Cover
Timo Salzsieder from Metro AG
case study

OKRs at DB Schenker

DB Schenker wanted to avoid emerging discrepancies between the overarching strategy and the actual work coming from the teams at its European sites.

In this case study, created in collaboration with our consultancy partner BearingPoint, you will learn:

  • why DB Schenker chose OKRs to address this challenge
  • how the logistics company has been able to strengthen its strategy implementation process in many areas
  • what benefits DB Schenker has seen since using OKRs and Workpath
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DB Schenker Cover
Dominik Borgel from DB Schenker
Head of Strategic Projects DB Schenker