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Discover how Workpath helps you execute your strategies faster and more reliably

Workpath paves the way for organizations to establish outcome-based collaboration and strategic planning to succeed in their business goals and overcome current crises.


Workpath paves the way for
Outcome Management

Organisations today and in the future must be able to react even faster in order to remain competitive in increasingly dynamic and complex market structures. The answer to this challenge is Outcome Management - a new planning and collaboration discipline that will permanently change all industries in the future.
Through Outcome Management, Workpath helps its customers address the four biggest challenges organisations face in their transformation:

Achieve strategic goals faster and more efficiently through better planning

Get all teams in your organisation to plan their efforts in line with high-level strategic objectives to set clear priorities and achieve faster outcomes.

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Clear outcomes

Benefits of smart planning and collaboration with Workpath

Transparent strategy

Enable easy access to all strategic priorities, key outcomes and dependencies.

Common target outcomes

Empower teams to define target outcomes in line with the business strategy

Insightful data

Use real-time data to identify strategic performance optimisation and learning opportunities

Guided drafting

Support teams in formulating great OKRs with minimal coaching effort


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clear outcomes


Align your teams with Workpath - easily and efficiently

Alignment between teams and across hierarchies is key to successful execution. Many leading companies struggle to achieve this. However, with an appropriate process and tool, alignment can be simple and efficient, and can increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals.

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Why unified alignment is crucial

Create transparency

Transparency on all goals and dependencies across functions and projects creates a unified focus

Bridging silos and dependencies

If everyone knows which teams and departments are working on similar topics, possible blockers can be identified and removed

Cost saving in planning and course correction

Coordination of dependencies and resources avoids duplication of effort

Realistic capacity planning

Focusing on the essentials by knowing the relevant contributions


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Strategy execution

Stay focused during strategy execution

A continuous outcome-oriented focus enables teams to consistently concentrate on the most important aspects of strategy implementation. Data-based identification of success drivers enables real-time course correction.

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strategy execution

Outome-oriented strategy execution with Outcome Management

Focus on the added value to be created for customers

Outcomes focus on the added value that should be created for customers and thus, enable targeted strategy implementation

Clarity about strategic goals - at all times

Focus and good cross-team coordination can only be ensured if everyone knows what is being worked towards at all times

Regular touchpoints

Recurring meetings, such as the check-in, further strengthen the focus and identify blockers that occur during implementation

Data-driven decisions

Important leading indicators show where a course correction would be sensible during strategy implementation


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Mastering change

Continuously master and adapt to changes

The Outcome Management Framework gives clear indications of where an organisation stands. It provides concrete guidance on how to achieve the next steps to accelerate the change process.

With Workpath, different competencies can be assessed based on data. This allows organisations to see what adjustments they need to makeat any time - how they should continuously improve their planning, alignment and execution of outcomes - in order to be successful.

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Master change

Fast adaptation to change with Workpath

Faster to the business outcome

Organisations understand better and better from cycle to cycle where their potential for improvement lies and thus increasingly accelerate the pace of achieving their outcomes

Be one step ahead

In a competitive environment, companies with a quick adaptability move forward faster

Prepared for the future

In the long run, companies that observe, learn from and continuously adapt their organisational processes will prevail over their competitors

Save time and money

Those who adapt to new market realities can expect a faster and more effective time-to-market with less resource consumption


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master change