From strategy execution to business transformation

Workpath solves strategy execution challenges on all levels

OKR levels of effectivenessOKR levels of effectivenessOKR levels of effectiveness
OKR levels of effectiveness
Level 1: Strategy Content
Set and structure effective goals based on relevant data
OKR levels of effectiveness
Level 2: Strategy Process
Align, prioritize and execute goals in an effective process
OKR levels of effectiveness
Level 3: Strategy Context
Continuously analyze and develop your organization for better performance
Get advice on how your enterprise can achieve more focus, transparency and alignment
OKR levels of effectiveness
LEVEL 1: Plan

Result-oriented, transparent goal management for the entire company

OKR levels of effectiveness
LEVEL 2: Align and prioritize

Coordinate resources of departments and teams effortlessly

OKR levels of effectiveness
LEVEL 2: Execute

Focus on what drives your performance and course correct on time

The annual costs of course corrects in enterprises exceed € 1 million each year per team. With Workpath these costs can be reduced by more than 30%.
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OKR levels of effectiveness
LEVEL 3: Measure

Access data that measures your actual performance and progress

OKR levels of effectiveness
LEVEL 3: OPtimize

Operational excellence through continuous organizational development

Workpath Light

OKR software and training from 99€ per year

Workpath SoftwareWorkpath SoftwareWorkpath resourcesOKR MasterclassWorkpath Software

Workpath Light is an inexpensive offer for companies looking to support and professionalize smaller OKR programs through software and training. Explore it now and start today.

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Workpath enables leaders and shapers on all levels

No matter if you are a C-level executive, team lead, HR representative, corporate developer or an independent consultant – Workpath is the tool that will make your work better.


Invest in the effectiveness and adaptability of your organization with the leading strategy execution platform. Lead and develop your organization with a new set of workflows and predictive metrics.


Increase flexibility in resource planning and predictability of forecasts based on short cycles, better transparency and a more granular budgeting process.


Turn your IT unit and its infrastructure into the main driver of transformation and scale agile operating principles across the entire organization.

COO and organizational development

Establish a successful process infrastructure for collaboration and continuous organizational development with long-term impact.

Chief Strategy Officer

Create an effective as well as adaptable strategy to execution process. Enable teams to connect their daily work with strategic priorities.


Extend your toolkit with the leading strategy execution software, analytics and an expertise network. Serve organizations on a recurring basis with Workpath tools.

Are you ready to upgrade your strategic operating system?