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Why we are here: For decades, enterprises were so focused on being efficient, they lost their focus and ability to create continuous value for the fast changing demands of their customers.

Today, they are in power, have limitless choices and new competitive alternatives are being launched every month with little effort. In this dynamic environment, enterprises need the ability to change fast or they will be made redundant even faster.

They need a new fixpoint to organize and steer themselves. Moving away from operating on the basis of resource inputs, their new anchor become outcomes. The strategic operating system of this time is Workpath, the first Outcome Management Platform.
What are we doing: Workpath is an enterprise software company that enables organizations to develop, course-correct and execute strategies better in their increasingly dynamic environments.

With user-centric workflow tools and a corresponding analytics suite, employees can align themselves based on shared metrics, goals, and projects, creating interdisciplinary teams around aspired outcomes.

In addition, Workpath's international enablement ecosystem with partners, training and learning content drives cultural change and knowledge building in order to accompany organizations throughout their entire transformation.

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Workpath Team
Workpath team
Workpath Team
Johannes Müller

Johannes Müller, Co-Founder and CEO

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Johannes Müller is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Workpath. His desire to shape a working world with future-proof organizational models and new forms of collaboration led to the birth of Workpath in 2017.

With Workpath and its software solutions, Johannes Müller empowers a new kind of strategic operating system. This helps companies to establish the necessary adaptability in a dynamic economic and working world and centers their teams for more focus, transparency and alignment around shared outcomes.

Johannes is a keynote speaker, panelist and guest lecturer on agile management and strategy execution with OKR, leadership as well as organizational development. He is a regular C-level coaching and sparring partner for large enterprises in the implementation and professionalization of OKR and related processes. He also publishes on the topics of organization, leadership and the future of work.

Pascal Fritzen, Co-Founder and CPO

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Pascal Fritzen is CTO and Co-Founder of Workpath. The vision of an outcome-driven, agile and autonomous future of work has driven him since the founding days of Workpath. He is also passionate about the challenge of consumerizing the B2B software landscape as much as possible.

With a background in software development of web-based and mobile software solutions for B2B and B2C, Pascal is responsible not only for the strategic direction of the software solution but also for optimizing the technical side of the product for best possible performance.

Through close and frequent exchange with product experts and customers, he ensures that Workpath remains the leading SaaS solution for strategic management and organizational development in large enterprises.
Pascal Fritzen

What we love to talk about

Agile transformation and organizational development

Markets and customer requirements are more dynamic today than ever before. New technologies are continuously changing the way we act, think, and express our preferences. Agility helps to act quickly and flexibly in such an environment and to be successful.

Organizations are constantly evolving to meet these demands, for example, in terms of their ways of collaborating and working. For sustainable success, however, new structures and processes must also form within the company.

Outcome management and OKR

What is the fixpoint that helps companies and teams to steer and align themselves when markets, customer demands, technologies and competition are in constant flux?

Workpath empowers companies to organize around a new fixed point: Outcomes. The strategic operating system of this time is Workpath, the first Outcome Management Platform.

Future of work: collaboration and leadership

The future of work calls for new ways of collaboration and leadership. While many ideas and concepts circulate about how to make them possible, many questions remain unanswered:

How can a new way of working be implemented in practice? How do managers and teams learn the necessary skills? What concrete steps can be taken to adapt organizational processes and structures accordingly?

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