A new era of leadership and collaboration is here

The way successful organizations are led is fundamentally changing. New metrics and processes open new opportunities.

A new era

The tables are turning: The digital age demands new metrics and new forms of leadership and collaboration

of the 10 most valuable companies in the world have not been listed in 2008
decrease in life expectancy of enterprises in the last 50 years
of digital transformation initiatives in established enterprises fail
What‘s at stake

Efficient but slow: the end of established competitive advantages

Enterprises invest billions in digitalization, oftentimes without significant impact. The systemic failure of organizational models and strategic management processes can only be tackled with new systems.

Why companies fail at digital transformationWhy companies fail at digital transformationTools and templates Workpath
Success drivers of the new MARKET LEADERS

Customers, employees and shareholders today expect enterprises that adapt fast and deliver results in the face of constant change

With the OKR framework, but also with similar approaches like Hoshin Kanri, OGSM or V2MOM - Workpath helps to establish the necessary principles of success in the core processes of strategy execution and collaboration.

Decentral decision-making

Only teams with increased autonomy can react fast enough on changing customer requirements and engage employees effectively.

Adaptive budgets and structures

Successful strategy execution in increasingly dynamic markets requires a faster and purposeful adaption of team structures and resource allocation.

Increased customer centricity

Only if goal setting processes and collaboration structures are aligned with the customer experience, organizations can stay competitive.

Cross-functional end-to-end teams

Value creation for the customer usually flows across functional business units and requires well-aligned teams that own the entire customer experience.

Short planning cycles

With increased volatility and market dynamics, more frequent planning, review and adaption loops in strategy execution are essential for the success of a future-proof organization.

Workpath lets you implement and scale the new principles of success with OKRs

You want to evaluate if OKRs are right for you or simply get started? You already work with OKRs and want to scale and professionalize the process? Here you find everything you need.

Join a new generation of enterprises that unleash their organization’s full potential

The transformation of the global economy is full of opportunities. Self-organized, cross-functional teams that can swiftly align themselves around their customer and the company’s strategy not only become an economic necessity. They also contribute to a more human working world of autonomy, purpose and connectedness.

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