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OKR is a strategy execution tool and has been developed from "Management by Objectives" (MBO). It helps companies to more tightly integrate strategies and operational work across all levels and to establish principles of a new working world such as decentralization, customer centricity and adaptability (more on OKR). An OKR tool is especially useful in larger enterprises to standardize and professionalize the OKR process across teams, locations and levels and to make it intuitive by visualizing dependencies and workflows. In smaller companies, Excel Sheets, Confluence or Google Docs are oftentimes sufficient (more on when an OKR tool is (not) useful).
OKR Create Goal
Define and align

Set effective goals for real results

Define outcome-focused goals and align priorities throughout the entire company. For a simple OKR kick-start.

Workpath OKRs Tasks
Execute, track and adjust

Focus on execution, course-correct on the go

Turn all teams into strategy executors. Connect daily work with strategy, track impact and course-correct early.

Workpath OKR Analytics
Review and optimize

Learn from results, continuously optimize

Measure impact, assess processes and identify focus areas for change to increase performance.

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Intuitive goal setting and aligned priorities, integrated with the daily work of all employees


Meetings and conversations that matter


New kinds of data for winning enterprises of tomorrow

OKRs With workpath

Why organizations choose Workpath

Workpath is the leading SaaS tool for strategy execution with OKR. The enterprise platform meets the required security standards and allows numerous integrations. The workflow tool also provides the flexibility needed to meet customer requirements across all maturity stages and stakeholder groups.

OKR enterprise expertise and all-in-one enablement

The most adaptivste SaaS platform for strategy execution

Enterprise analytics to work in and on the system

Various metrics and reports provide constant insight into the status quo and the success of goal achievement. In addition, the Analytics Suite enables ongoing monitoring and data-based optimization of strategy implementation as well as organizational structures and processes.
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Connect strategic goals with projects, tasks, team and communication data – seamlessly integrate Workpath into your process landscape

Learn more about Workpath’s API and how to easily integrate existing tools and data with Workpath

Strategy execution processes that constantly adapt to your requirements

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enterprise ready

The highest standards for your enterprise

GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance

Enterprise security and certified servers located in Germany, adhering to the highest security standards, guarantee the protection of your data.

24/7 Support
24/7 support

Get individual support from a team of Workpath experts. At any time, anywhere in the world.

SSO with SAML 2.0

Easy and secure authentication through any compatible identity provider like Active Directory, Google, Okta or OneLogin.

Uptime SLA Workpath
99,9% uptime SLA

Guaranteed online availability and operationality. Independent experts conduct regular tests to ensure all systems perform at their best.

Granular permissions and user settings
Granular permissions

Allow co-workers access to only the data they need. Always stay in control of sensitive data and protect the privacy of your employees.

Work council approved
Work council approved

Approved by work councils from customers around the world. Use Workpath templates and reports to ensure a smooth approval process.

The Workpath Ecosystem

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Hands-on employee training

Learn everything about adaptive strategy execution with OKRs and upskill your organization with proven services from the Workpath ecosystem.

OKR Trainings
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Experience the software platform

Get all your questions answered in an individual product demo. Let an expert guide you through Workpath at a time convenient to you.

OKR Analytics
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A comprehensive kit

Everything you need to master your program and the transformation efforts. Guides, checklists and whitepapers to explore and simply get started.

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