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Why Workpath: Creating focus, transparency and alignment throughout your enterprise

Workpath enables you to succeed at every step from agile goal management with OKR to end-to-end strategy execution with Outcomes. The platform integrates with the adjacent process and tool landscape - linking goals, metrics and projects and aligning teams around shared outcomes. This results in focus, transparency, alignment, and greater adaptability across the entire organization.

OKR enterprise expertise and all-in-one enablement

Workpath is the leading solution provider with enterprise transformation expertise, proven frameworks as well as a global network of practitioners and certified experts.

The most adaptive SaaS platform for strategy execution

Workpath provides the most flexible infrastructure for future-proof processes, supporting cross-functional teams as well as hybrid structures and coordination beyond the org chart.

Enterprise analytics

Workpath provides new predictive metrics that let managers course-correct on the go. Integrating data from various sources, the analytics suite identifies obstacles and synergies for better strategy execution.

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Hundreds of companies trust Workpath to master strategy execution with OKR

For years Workpath has been helping companies to execute their strategies better. Workpath’s experts and partners have accompanied countless OKR implementations and transformations, achieving impressive growth with our customers.

Timo Salzsieder Metro AG Workpath Testimonial

Timo Salzsieder, CIO/CSO Metro AG

"Workpath provides us with the workflow tools and reports we need for scaling the OKR goal setting process from 2.500 to more than 100.000 employees."


Intuitive goal-setting processes for well-aligned priorities

Learn more about the OKR framework

More focus through meetings and conversations that matter


New metrics for improved effectiveness and adaptability in a hyperdynamic world

Strategy Execution

Agile strategy execution with Workpath

Strategy execution is the translation of a vision and strategic priorities derived from it into results. Agile strategy execution is based on agile principles like cross-functional collaboration, self-organization of teams as well as fast learning and feedback loops.
Why companies fail with agile strategy execution
Established frameworks and tools like the Balanced Scorecard fail to make companies successful in a world of continuous change. Approaches such as OKR, which represent the agile principles needed for dealing with this new world, are therefore becoming increasingly important for successful strategy execution.
Agile transformation success
With intuitive workflow and alignment tools, Workpath helps to embed strategic priorities more quickly in all departments. Through shared metrics, goals and projects, teams are able to organize autonomously and collaborate better. Workpath Analytics enable the continuous development of the strategy execution process.
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OKR Guide

Make OKRs work in your company with Workpath’s comprehensive  OKR guide. Checklists, examples, FAQs – everything you need to know in one guide.

OKR Guide

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Listen to leading personalities from business, research and politics and join them finding answers to questions on the future of leadership, collaboration and organization.

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Discover the latest insights on strategy execution, OKRs, transformation and a new working world. Find articles on the latest trends, interviews with experts and practitioners as well as case studies.

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