Workpath is the Enterprise Outcome Management platform

Comparing Workpath to WorkBoard

WorkBoard and Workpath both combine an OKR platform with extensive training and enablement. But, this model only works if teams are well aligned and have access to real-time data insights. With its powerful analytics and alignment for each phase of the OKR cycle, Workpath is the leader in the Outcome Management category.

If you want OKRs with dashboard analytics, WorkBoard is a good choice…

WorkBoard does a notable job when it comes to increasing strategic clarity. The goal pages and dashboard-style analytics are helpful for those getting started with OKRs. This makes WorkBoard a solid entry-point for changing the way you work.

If you want to scale OKRs to the enterprise level, read on:

Workpath's analytics and alignment functionalities make it the category leader for Outcome Management. While you can set high-quality goals in both platforms, only Workpath covers all phases of the OKR cycle. Map dependencies, manage capacities and request contributions from other team members. Data-driven insights can be extracted from each of these steps. This enables successful iteration on strategy over time.

Face today’s challenges

What can you actually do with Workpath?

We help businesses define and achieve their most important goals. Especially in tough economic times when resources are scarce we empower you to:

  • Execute reliably on efficiency and savings goals

  • Identify unseen waste and focus resources where they matter most

  • Course-correct and bounce back to growth quickly


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In the past if a member from one team wanted to talk to a member of another team it had to go all the hierarchy up and down. Now we can go the horizontal way and teams directly talk to each other. Before it would have taken weeks or months to make decisions.

With the progress visualization and transparency we can see what progress is made, who is aligned and who is contributing to one another. And that kind of transparency is triggering discussions now that get down to what we are actually doing in this company and why we are doing it.

Workpath’s advantages

How are we different?

Aligned teams every step of the way

In the Drafting phase, manage and communicate how capacity is split between competing priorities. In the Alignment phase, visualize all dependencies and identify strategy execution gaps with the Goal Graph. During the cycle, send contribution requests and discuss progress, blockers or risks. Communication with Workpath helps you to break down silos and reduce double work. This increases strategic transparency, while simultaneously decreasing costs.

Reporting insights from all angles

Workpath goes beyond simply measuring and displaying goal progress on a dashboard. It also allows you to drill down on low-performing goals and receive recommendations for next steps. Additionally, you can monitor the evolution of the OKR process over time to justify your investment. With such a wide array of reporting potential, decision-makers are empowered to rapidly iterate on strategy.

All-in-one training and enablement

Effective software is great, but personalized onboarding services are even better. Workpath combines the two to ensure rapid results. Once you are up and running, accelerate even faster with dedicated Customer Success Support. Their change management expertise will enable your organization to adopt an outcome focus. Exclusive Quarterly Business Reviews will also improve your strategy execution.

Workpath & WorkBoard side by side

How do we compare?

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