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Alignment between teams and across hierarchies is key to a successful execution. Many leading enterprises struggle to successfully achieve this. However, with a proper process and tooling, alignment can be easy, efficient and will increase the probability to achieve your goals.

goal alignment

The three main challenges of not being aligned

A lot of teams don't achieve their goals because they don't align ahead of execution. For many of them the process of alignment is just too time-consuming, complex and burdensome. Being unaligned, however, can cause severe challenges.

Inefficient execution and
use of resources

Strategy is not
achieved on time

Negative impact on revenue
growth and productivity

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Why being aligned is crucial

Outcomes are better achieved when everyone in your team is aligned. The bigger the organization, the more important it is to know who is working on what in order to be able to deliver fully and on time. Here is how alignment will benefit your team and organization.

Identification of silos and dependencies

Know which teams and departments are
working on the same topics

Create transparency

Create transparency about all goals and dependencies across functions and projects

Reduce planning and alignment costs

Coordinate dependencies and resources ahead of execution to avoid double work  

Realistic capacity planning

Plan your capacity with a focus on what matters most
by being aware of relevant contributions

Management of dependencies and capacity

Eliminate blockers by knowing the dependencies
across teams upfront

Successful, efficient and timely execution

Teams and departments are aware of what they are working on and continuously align during execution
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