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Agile Enterprise

What is an agile organization?

An agile company is an organization that has created the internal processes and structures to adapt fast, flexibly and proactively to new circumstances.

Markets and customer requirements are more dynamic today than ever before. New technologies are continuously influencing our preferences and changing the way we act and think. Agility helps to act fast and flexibly in such an environment.
Agile enterprise
In agile companies, these principles are reflected in new types of collaboration and ways of working such as Scrum or Kanban. For sustainable success, however, new structures and processes must also be established in the company.
Agile transformation success
The Workpath platform helps to make the progress towards becoming an agile company measurable. This enables teams at all levels to implement strategies effectively and flexibly, even in the changing market environment. To help companies become and remain successful agile enterprises, Workpath offers an ecosystem of experts, resources and training next to its software solution.
OKR Coach CertificateOKR Training

Skills, tools and exercises to guide your team into the future of work

Acquire all relevant skills to be successful with the "Objectives and Key Results" (OKRs) method and with Workpath - for better goal setting and a new company-wide collaboration model. Become a driver of business transformation and excel your career.

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Learning at your convenience with Workpath online trainings

The faster moving world we live in calls for a transformation of the way we work. Workpath's online courses will help you find answers to these rising challenges. For you, your team and the entire organization.

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Workpath toolbox

Tools, templates and best practices for a simple start

From whitepapers over handbooks to checklists and case studies - this toolbox offers you the right material for a quick start with OKRs. Hands-on, well-structured and thoroughly curated for better strategy planning and execution in your team.

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Obejctives and Key ResultsOKR TrainingOKR MasterclassOKR Case studyTools and templates Workpath

Agile management with OKRs

Work on strategic contributions despite high amounts or operative workload? Our whitepaper “Agile Management with OKRs” explains how.


Complete OKR guide

The Complete OKR Guide helps you set effective goals to contribute even better to company goals and customer needs. Discover everything you need to know, including helpful checklists, OKR examples and much more.

OKR Guide

OKR Rollout Plan

Learn more about the most important steps for the preparation and successful implementation of OKR rollouts. Gain insight into different rollout approaches and a proven rollout timeline.

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THE workapth community

Join thousands of shapers of a new working world

The Workpath Community connects professionals who are eager to improve the way their teams and organizations work. You will not just find open conversations and networking opportunities but also great content on strategy execution and collaboration with OKRs, new leadership and agile organization.

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Join like-minded peers and pioneers in a global network
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Meet peers and the Workpath team in person

Workpath Quarterly

At our Quarterly event we invite companies in the Workpath ecosystem and designers of a new economic world to get in touch with other practitioners and experts during interactive formats like workshops, expert 1-on-1s and keynotes.

Kinetic Enterprise Symposium

This Symposium brings together selected leaders in an exclusive panel discussion that have shown audacity and persistence in transforming their organizations.

OKR Forum

The OKR Forum provides impulses to get more out of your business and prepares you to implement the OKR goal-setting framework in your own organization. Enjoy a full day filled with presentations, networking, Q&As and workshops by thought-leading OKR pioneers.

Onsite Events

Do you want to discuss the specific challenges of your company in your own offices, so colleagues and selected experts can exchange in a intimate and open environment ? Just schedule a conversation with a Workpath expert to talk about your idea.

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Get to know Workpath at one of our partner’s events

German Innovation Day of the Economic Council

On this exclusive event of the Economic Council the major questions of digitalization are discussed by executives, politicians and scientists. By bringing together diverse shapers of the digital agenda, the day provides important impulses for the digitalization of Europe.

New Work Evolution

The new working world brings along very new expectations and principles towards employers and their organizations. The NWE provides answers how a new working world can be shaped and New Work can be implemented for the benefit of business and employees.


The Verbändecamp brings together leaders and digital strategists to discuss the future of work in associations and public alliances. For the subject areas membership, society, communication as well as management, experiences and solutions are discussed in various settings.

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