Workpath Launch kit

The lightweight starter package for enterprises to succeed with OKRs early-on

Workpath Launch Kit is an inexpensive offer for companies looking to efficiently support and professionalize smaller OKR programs through software and training.


Is Workpath Launch Kit the right fit for you?

Workpath Launch Kit is the right choice for all enterprises with small OKR programs. It is the ideal fit for small teams or units up to 50 users. No matter if you are introducing OKRs or want to improve an existing program.

Move from silos to collaborative goal setting

Empower teams with context and transparency on how they can contribute to the company's success in order spark a sense of purpose

Connect daily work with the overall strategy

Help teams to align strategic goals and priorities between each other and across hierarchies to ensure outcomes are achieved faster than ever

Empower outcome focus in your teams

Support your teams with intuitive workflows, visualizations, reports and project management integrations to accelerate your OKR efforts

Track impact and course-correct in time

Monitor your OKR program with metrics and receive actionable insights to course-correct during execution and contiuously improve your outcome management skills


Workpath Launch Kit

Everything you need to get started, quick and easy. Limited costs - unlimited features to explore Workpath.


25 e-Learning



1 OKR 

Training & Certification


Service products not used in the Launch phase can be extended for or deduced from your first software contract.

3 Quarterly Event

Premium Ticket


Workpath Software

6 months
For up to 50 people

Save up to 12.000€ in your launch phase

You can use Workpath’s complete Outcome Management Platform in this phase.

*The Workpath Launch Kit offer excludes dedicated support outside of our self-service offerings (Help Center & Community). This exclusion particularly affects email, chat and phone requests, as well as direct support from one of our Customer Success Managers. To receive dedicated support services, you can upgrade to the full version of the Workpath software at any time.

Workpath Customers

Trusted by leading enterprises for successful strategy execution


Maneuvering OKR programs with ease

Working with OKR for the first time or enhancing a small OKR program can feel quite challenging without the right guidance. Workpath Launch Kit sets you up for success from day one.

Get started straight away

Access the software and training within seconds instead of awaiting lengthy approval processes.

Up your OKR game no matter your experience

Get best-in-class OKR training while already putting the methodology into practice with the matching software to gain experience ahead of rolling-out OKR to more teams.

Create a lighthouse success case

See proof of success already in a less mature stage of your OKR roll-out, inspire others in the organization and easily continue to drive change once you are ready to scale with Workpath.