Workpath Partner Launch kit

The lightweight starter package to succeed with OKRs early-on

Workpath Partner Launch Kit is an inexpensive offer for enterprises working with a certified Workpath partner. It allows small, less mature units in large organizations to efficiently support and professionalize OKR programs using software from day one.


What is the Partner Launch Kit?

Discover the #1 enterprise solution for agile strategy execution while learning and rolling out your OKR program with one of our partners. No matter if OKRs are new or if you want to improve an existing OKR program.

Up to 50 user licenses

For a total of 6 months

Self service support only *

Get the offer

* The Workpath Partner Launch Kit offer excludes dedicated support outside of our self-service offerings (Help Center&Community). This exclusion particularly affects email, chat and phone requests, as well as direct support from one of our Customer Success Managers. To receive dedicated support services, you can upgrade to the full version of the Workpath software at any time.


Maneuvering OKR programs with ease

Working with OKRs for the first time or enhancing a small OKR program can feel quite challenging without the right guidance. Our Partner Launch Kit sets you up for success from day one.

Get started straight away

Collect experience with individual teams before rolling-out OKR at a larger scale. Learn about the methodology from our partner while already putting it into practice with the matching software.

Low financial investment

Benefit from easy access to technology without having to go through lengthy approval processes and make sure to succeed in your OKR program early on.

Create a lighthouse success case

Create easy proof of success early on in a less mature stage of your OKR roll-out, inspire others in the organization and continuously drive change on a bigger scale.

Redeem the code received from our partner and get access to the software within seconds.


Trusted by leading enterprises for successful strategy execution


Make strategy transparent and collaborative

Move from silos to transparent collaboration

Break up silos by empowering teams with context. Give your teams transparency on how they contribute to the company's success to spark a sense of purpose.

Connect daily work with the overall strategy

Align and connect strategic goals and priorities within and across teams. Ensure teams are always aligned to reach overarching goals faster than ever.

Empower strategic decision making in your teams

Equip your OKR responsible teams with the right tools. Support your OKR efforts with simple workflows, insightful visualizations, analytics and other features the platform provides.

Track impact and course-correct early

Experience how our Analytics Suite can improve your OKR program's quality by providing metrics and insights to course-correct on the go. Make OKRs an intuitive and engaging process.

Frequently asked questions

What does Workpath Partner Launch Kit include in detail?

Workpath Partner Launch Kit offers free access to the Workpath software - for up to 50 users and a total of 6 months.
Compared to the full software version, Workpath Partner Launch Kit is solely restricted with regards to the number of user licenses as well as support services.

What happens after the expiration of Workpath Partner Launch Kit?

After 6 months, your Workpath Partner Launch Kit contract ends automatically. You have the possibility to either stop using Workpath or to upgrade to the full software version. You will proactively receive details towards the end of your contract.

How can I upgrade to the full version?

To upgrade to the full software version, please reach out to or your Workpath partner. You can upgrade at any time during the contract term to take advantage of the benefits of the full version.

What are the limitations of Workpath Partner Launch Kit?

Workpath Partner Launch Kit is limited with regards to the number of user licenses for the Workpath platform (50 users) as well as with regards to the type of product support received (self-service support only). Upgrading to the full version will provide you with additional dedicated support by a Workpath Customer Success Manager and lets you increase the number of users.