Workpath Welcomes Renowned Business Angels as New Advisory Board Members and Investors

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We are happy to announce that we have won seven new Business Angels who share our vision of transforming the way work works. After a year of strong growth in 2020, where companies have experienced the necessity of more resilient steering models and adaptive goal management systems, we're looking forward to continue our success story with our new Angels.

These experts are now joining Workpath on its further growth path: 

André Christ (Co-Founder und CEO, LeanIX)
Christian Köhler (Partner, Strategy Engineers) 
Christopher Freese (Senior Partner, BCG)
Jonas Rieke (COO, Personio)
Jörg Beyer (Co-Founder, LeanIX)
Maximilian Hasler (Co-Founder and CFO/COO, Konux)
Sebastian Walter (VP Customer Success, Celonis)

"We are excited to be backed by this round of renown experts and to leverage their expertise and network. The experience in transforming large enterprises and entire industries that this group now brings into our team, will further drive our growth. 2020 has been a successful year for Workpath and, not least due to the pandemic, many companies have realized that operational resilience, speed and adaptability are increasingly important to operate successfully. We are now in an excellent position to build on these developments with our new partners and investors." - Johannes Müller, CEO at Workpath

Here is what some of our new Business Angels say about their motivation to join the Workpath journey.

Sebastian Walter, VP Customer Success at Celonis joined the market leading process mining provider when it only had about15 employees and helped to drive its growth to over 1.000 employees and a multi billion euro valuation.

„Workpath had me hooked right from the start! It is an intuitive product that enables companies to define and communicate their strategic goals and empowers employees in their day-to-day work to achieve their ambitions. The value-add of the solution is both evident and measurable – every company can benefit from Workpath. I am thrilled to work with the Workpath team and help to make their vision come true”.

Jonas Rieke, COO of the recent SaaS unicorn Personio explains:

“I have experienced with Personio  how challenging good strategic alignment and planning for fast-growing organizations can be and it is unquestionable that the complexity of this scales with the size of an enterprise. What excites me about Workpath is the vision of not just building another OKR tool, but creating an agnostic Business Outcomes platform combining goal setting, portfolio management, project management and powerful analytics.“ - Jonas Rieke, COO of the brand-new Unicorn Personio

Since the foundation of Konux in 2014,  Maximilian Hasler, COO/CFO contributed to establishing the software provider as the leading European AI company in sustainable transportation. Just recently, the software provider won a multi-million euro deal with Deutsche Bahn to  transform railway operations.

"Large enterprises in particular, with all their established structures and complex interrelationships, are struggling with an increasingly agile environment and are therefore in danger of losing their competitive edge. Workpath has immense leverage to optimize the strategic management and execution of these customers and I am looking forward to accompanying their further development."

Jörg Beyer and André Christ founded the enterprise architecture platform LeanIX in 2012. Since then they have been able to win more than 400 enterprise customers such as Volkswagen, Atlassian or Telekom. Jörg Beyer comments:

"I have been impressed by the founding and management team around Johannes for a long time. A founder must have the will, the passion and the perseverance to grow his own company quickly, even with all the challenges. That is given here in this case."