Oct 25th 2018

OKR Forum


World Trade Center Amsterdam


The OKR Forum: the first OKR event in The Netherlands with a range of OKR experts from around the globe! Join us in the beautiful city of Amsterdam for a day filled with presentations, Q&As and workshops by thought-provoking OKR evangelists such as Felipe Castro.

The OKR Forum will inspire you to get the best out of your business and get you ready to translate this concrete goal-setting framework into your own daily reality.

“Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a bit like Scrum, but for everyone in the organization. It provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and process innovations that drive autonomy, self-organization, focus, and horizontal alignment.”


Felipe Castro

International OKR Coach & Founder of Lean Performance

Felipe Castro is a business outcomes coach. He helps companies become more responsive, engaging, and aligned by adopting OKRs, Silicon Valley's agile goal system. As an engineer who worked both as a product manager and as an HR consultant, Felipe bridges the gap between different functions and connects OKR with Agile, Lean, and product management to create outcome-driven teams. After training thousands of individuals, Felipe created the OKR Cycle, a straightforward approach to avoid OKR's most common pitfalls. He is the author of the upcoming book "Goals for Agile Organizations: Moving at Silicon Valley Speed with OKR."

Johannes Müller

Founder and CEO of Workpath

Johannes Müller is founder and CEO of Workpath. A people performance platform for a new working world that provides intelligent software solutions for agile goal and performance management and a transformation of leadership and organization culture. As expert for Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and agile management his mission is to enable purpose-led network organizations that are composed of self-organized teams. With Workpath he thereby wants to contribute to the transformation of the working world and enable work to become collaborative, data-driven and customer-centric.

Melanie Wessels

OKR Master Booking.com

The agile coach and OKR expert from Booking.com has a deep understanding of how to create great work environments that foster employee development and drive firm performance. Skilled in OKR implementation, agile and executive coaching she helps teams to successfully set and better achieve their goals. Moreover, Melanie Wessels is a proficient motivational speaker on topics such as personal development and goal setting and co-hosted several OKR meetups and events, amongst others the first OKR meetup in Amsterdam in 2017.

Ben Lamorte

International OKR Coach & Founder of OKR.com

Ben Lamorte coaches business leaders focused on defining and making measurable progress on their most important goals. Building off his success helping hundreds of managers draft and refine their team's Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), he founded OKRs.com. Ben holds a graduate degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University and is also co-author of the book Objective and Key Results: Driving Focus, Alignment, and Engagement with OKRs, published in 2016.

Jan Paul van Vliet

International OKR Coach & Founder of Objeqts

Dedicated to people performance management and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Jan Paul van Vliet offers guidance to companies to realize OKRs as a framework. With his organization Objeqts he consults, trains and coaches companies in the field of employee activation and helps them to promote performance improvements and make them sustainable. Next to this, the co-founder of IntranetConnect works on better connecting employees, content and technology and bring an enhanced digital workplace to his clients through his intranet solution.

Bart den Haak

IT Leadership Consultant & OKR Master @ING

As IT leadership consultant Bart den Haak enables organizations to grow agile engineering cultures and deliver higher levels of value. With years of experience in lean software development and architecture he helps business as well as development teams with implementing lean product development principles, with special focus on reducing complexity. He hereby places much emphasis on the alignment of strategic Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and how OKRs can close the gap between strategy and agile teams to drive focus, employee engagement and performance.

Ewout Meijer

Director of Global Learning Partnerships at Springest

Ewout Meijer is one of the pioneers at Springest who dedicate themselves to enable all kinds of people to reach the full potential of their professional careers through learning and vitality. The Dutch learning platform wants to lead by example and therefore chose to be the first organization in the Netherlands opting for Holocracy as an operating system. Meijer himself holds about 16 roles within Springest - ranging from Sales and Business Development to OKR Master, Strategy Advisor and Ideas Coach. He regularly trains founders and their teams on how they can implement OKRs in their organisation.

Alla Alimova

Global Senior Product Manager & OKR evangelist at eBay

Alla Alimova is an OKR driven product manager, who loves delivering great products to the market. She evangelised OKR product practice at eBay central product & tech teams, building upon her past experience of transitioning to OKR culture at Catawiki. She will share interesting insights on how OKR framework help to empower development teams, link global product delivery with company strategies, and create alignment among business units at eBay.

Christoph van der Klaauw

Chief Operating Offer at TravelBird

To create focus on those actions that drive success in a rapidly changing environment, Christoph van der Klaauw implemented OKRs throughout TravelBird in 2015. Over the years, OKRs at TravelBird have evolved from a quarterly goalsetting method towards an alignment tool that helps make complex cross-team collaborations a success. At the OKR Forum van der Klaauw will share a case study of how TravelBird implemented OKRs and how they are currently using it to drive alignment and success.

Emilie van der Lande

Head of HR & Legal WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a fast growing scale up tech company, based in Amsterdam, NY and LA. They kicked off OKRs in their different product teams. To create focus and alignment within the whole company, they started working with OKRs in the course of Q1 of this year within all teams. Emilie van der Lande sees this as an ongoing journey of (small) successes, hurdles and jokes: „We have been working with OKRs for half a year now, and still finding our way. But hey, Rome wasn't build in day. So we are very happy to share our humble story on trying to be an OKR Company.“ At the OKR Forum van der Lande will tell more about the story behind OKRs at WeTransfer.


08.15 Walk-in
08.45 Allan Messias

Opening and Welcome

10.00 Melanie Wessels

Introduction to Objectives and Key Results

10.45 Felipe Castro

Lessons learned from implementing OKRs in more than 100 organizations


Lunch Break and Networking

13.00 Jan Paul van Vliet

OKRs as a cultural tool: perspectives from a social psychologist

13.45 Johannes Müller

Transforming silo organizations into agile networks with OKRs


Coffee Break and Networking


Break-out sessions with OKR practitioners from ING, Booking, and many more

16.00 Ben Lamorte

Q&A with one of the leading OKR consultants worldwide


Panel and Day Closing


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The ticket price includes foods and beverages throughout the day and parking at the World Trade Center.

The location

World Trade Center Amsterdam

Strawinskylaan 1, 1077 XW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join the practitioners from leading agile companies at the forum

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