Enablement Journeys Based on Your ExPertise

Find out which format is the next step for you

Whether you are just diving into the world of OKRs, getting your first hands-on experience, or looking to expand your skillset, you will find the right formats to fit your needs here!

Expertise Level

How far along are you on your OKR journey?

We have designed learning formats for every knowledge level. Find out below what your expertise category is and and what the right format for your start of the OKR learning journey is accordingly.
OKR beginners
If you have just started reading and learning about OKRs, you  find formats under this category that  kickstart your OKR journey. It will not only be theoretical knowledge about the OKR process, but also practical examples, tools, and best practices that lay a good foundation for your OKR knowledge.
This is the right category for you, if you are an aspiring OKR Coach, practitioner or part of leadership who actively supports the OKR process and works as a multiplier. Even if you already are an OKR Coach and would like to expand your OKR tool box under this category, you find the right formats to become a great OKR multiplier and supporter.
Advanced practitioners
Once you have a firm understanding of OKRs in theory and have been able to put your learnings into practice, there oftentimes is a need to deepen your knowledge, exchange on the most pressing issues with the global Workpath OKR community, and sharpen your skills. Under this category you will find formats that support you to foster continuous development of your OKR skills and stay up to date with the most relevant tools and best practices.
OKR Beginners

Are you newly embarking on your OKR knowledge journey?

OKR Basic E-Learning (EN)

Learn the basic theory of the OKR framework in only 3 hours. The topics revolve around the elements of the OKR Cycle, including best practices and handy tools for each of them. If you complete the entire course, you receive a certificate of completion to share with your community.

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OKR E-Mail Crash Course (EN)

Learn about OKRs at your own pace. You receive regular emails with condensed knowledge nuggets, hands-on tools, methods, exercises, templates as well as best practices content to ease into the topic.  Moreover, get answers to your most pressing questions regarding OKRs in practice. Topics cover the OKR Rollout, OKR Drafting, Alignment of OKRs, Check-ins and Retro and Reviews.

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Are you ready to get started with OKR and Workpath?

Are you striving to sharpen your skills as an OKR Coach, practitioner or OKR leader?

Workpath OKR Masterclass

This path is the best option to ease into the topic of OKRs in a time efficient way or for participants who only need to know the basics about the framework.

Book for 1.356,60€

Leadership Training

Training your leadership team on the OKR framework and aligning them around a joint vision for the transformation and anticipated strategy execution process are key success factors to ensure the buy-in from the entire organization and leverage the benefits of OKRs.

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The fast and easy way to start with OKR and Workpath.
Advanced Practitioners

Are you already experienced with OKRs and want to exchange your knowledge and experiences in a global OKR community?

Advanced OKR Coach Course - coming soon

After having made your first experiences as an OKR Coach, you might benefit from sharpening your skills and deepen your OKR knowledge. Additionally, you will get to exchange best practices with other OKR practitioners and our Workpath OKR experts.

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Outcome OKRs for Product teams from Tim Herbig

Are you wondering how to create outcome driven product processes in your company? This course helps to turn Objectives and Key Results into a powerful tool you can use to create outcome-driven product processes in your company and create better, more impactful products.

Book for 497€

Leadership Coaching Workshop - coming soon

Once the basics of how leadership can support and leverage OKRs are understood, there are oftentimes still challenges with putting these learnings into action. Through the Leadership Coaching Workshop we support the participants in putting an OKR Leadership mindset into concrete practices and exchange with other OKR leaders on it in the course of the workshop.

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Facilitation & Coaching Training for OKR Coaches from cidpartners

In our facilitation training designed for OKR Coaches, we show you how to plan and conduct successful OKR workshops. You will be provided with instruments for conflict situations and learn how to moderate even difficult situations with confidence and ease.

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Agile Leadership Training from cidpartners

In this virtual training you will learn how to enhance the power of OKR frameworks by combining them with agile leadership practices that help you navigate, engage, and develop people and teams effectively.The training aims at agile coaches, change managers, leadership development experts, line managers and everyone interested in learning how to boost the agility of teams and organizations by effectively combining OKR practices with an agile approach to people and team leadership.

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