Workpath Light

Workpath Light: The fast, simple and successful way to start with OKR

What is Workpath Light: Workpath Light is an offer from Workpath that enables an easy, software-supported and successful start with OKR. The offer combines the possibility of using the Workpath software with an OKR training of your choice – either the OKR Basic E-Learning course or one of our OKR Masterclasses.

Who is Workpath Light for: Workpath Light is the right choice for all companies that want to get started with OKR in a lightweight manner with small teams or units. With Workpath Light, OKR responsibles get the right basic training and can start quickly and easily with the professional and intuitive Workpath software.
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Software and enablement– The Workpath Light options

Workpath Light is designed to make you and your team successful as you get started with OKR. Therefore, each of our Workpath Light offerings is a combination of Workpath software and an OKR training format. Please note that Workpath Light is a one-time only offer for each department of your company and the software usage is limited in time.

Software & E-Learning  
4 months software usage
OKR Goal Management module
Check-in module
Visualizations & Goal Explorer
Self-Service support (Help Center & Community)*
Unlimited software users
10x E-Learning licenses (unit price 69€/license)
Book for 99€
Software & OKR Masterclass
4 months software usage
OKR Goal Management module
Check-in module
Visualizations & Goal Explorer
Self-Service support (Help Center & Community)*
Unlimited software users
1x E-Learning license
1x Masterclass FLEX ticket (selfstudy & 2x4h training)
OKR Coach certification
Book for 1.140€

* Due to high demand, the Workpath Light package excludes dedicated support outside of the self-service offerings. This exclusion particularly affects email, chat and phone requests, as well as direct support from one of our Customer Success Managers. To receive dedicated support services, you can upgrade to the full version of the Workpath software.


Why enterprises choose the Workpath software

In 2020, customers have saved up to 25% of their multi-million planning and alignment costs by using the Workpath strategy execution tool.

OKR enterprise expertise and all-in-one enablement

Workpath is the leading solution provider with enterprise transformation expertise, proven frameworks as well as a global network of practitioners and certified experts.

The most adaptive SaaS platform for strategy execution

Workpath provides the most flexible infrastructure for future-proof processes, supporting cross-functional teams as well as hybrid structures and coordination beyond the org chart.

Enterprise analytics

Workpath provides new predictive metrics that let managers course-correct on the go. Integrating data from various sources, the analytics suite identifies obstacles and synergies for better strategy execution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which package should I opt for?

Choose the package that suits you and your team best. If you want to take on the role of an OKR Coach or even an OKR Program Lead during the course of your OKR introduction, then the Guided package is certainly a good choice. If you first want to get to know the OKR method as a team, the Self-Study package might be a better fit. This also requires a smaller time investment.

What happens after the expiration of Workpath Light?

After the expiration date of Workpath Light, your software usage contract will end automatically. You can upgrade to the full version by contacting our sales team. We will be sending you details about this towards the end of Workpath Light. You can also upgrade at any time during the term of Workpath Light to take advantage of other benefits of the full version. Please note the minimum contract value of € 21,000 per year.

What are the limitations of Workpath Light?

Workpath Light is a time limited, one-time offer. In addition, the full version includes the following modules and benefits:

  • KPI module
  • Analytics Suite
  • Analytics Suite
  • Custom integrations and API interface
  • Custom progress calculation for Goals
  • Personal goals
  • Customizability e.g. of templates
  • Dedicated support

How can I upgrade to the full version?

To upgrade to the full version you can always contact our sales team here. You can find all further information about our different packages on the pricing page.

Is there a minimum contract value for the Workpath full version?

Yes, there is a minimum contract value of € 21.000 per year.

How do you handle data protection and security at Workpath?

GDPR compliance, data protection and information security are a top priority at Workpath. Redundant servers as well as continuous backups ensure that your data is safe under any circumstances. Moreover, all communication is exclusively conducted through SSL encrypted channels. Certifications and exclusive hosting on the infrastructure of the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany make Workpath the leader in enterprise security.  Learn more about Workpath’s security policies on the product page.

Can I add new users later?

You can invite and add users at any point in time.

Where can I find additional training, workshops and consulting services?

On our professional service page you can find all information on Workpath’s training offers, dates and consulting partners.