Workpath Light

The lightweight offer for enterprises to succeed with OKRs early-on

Workpath Light is an inexpensive offer for companies looking to support and professionalize smaller OKR programs through software and training.


Is Workpath Light the right fit for you?

Workpath Light is the right choice for all enterprises with small OKR programs. It is the ideal fit for small teams or units up to 100 users. No matter if OKRs are new or if you want to improve an existing program.

Set your OKR implementation up for success

Equip OKR responsibles and your team with the right skills from the beginning through a training format of your choice. Support your OKR efforts with simple workflows, insightful visualizations and other helpful features of the Workpath platform.

Explore how the right software can support your OKR efforts

Experience how Workpath can ease tracking of your OKR progress, enhance focus within your team and improve the overall quality of your OKR program. Make OKRs an intuitive, effective and engaging process.

Professionalize your OKR process with the Workpath software

Exchange error-prone spreadsheets with a single source of truth providing you with up-to-date data at all times. Standardize important elements of the OKR process and lay the foundation for successful scaling of your OKR program.

Find the right Workpath Light package for your needs

With Workpath Light, OKR responsibles get the right basic training and can start right away with the professional and intuitive Workpath software. Find your package and get started today!


E-Learning and software

Ramp up your  OKR skills with our E-Learning and explore the Workpath software.

99 €

per year
10 E-Learning licenses (unit price 69€/license)
1 year access to the Workpath Light software
50 software user licenses
Self-service support (Help Center & Community)*

OKR Masterclass and software

Become a certified OKR Coach and enable your organization on the journey towards an agile enterprise.

1.140 €

per year
1x Masterclass FLEX ticket (self-study & 2x4h training)
1 year access to the Workpath Light software
75 software user licenses
Self-service support (Help Center & Community)*

Private team training and software

Address your individual OKR needs through one of our  partner trainings and explore the Workpath software.

3.500 €

per year
1 private team training of your choice
1 year access to the Workpath Light software
100 software user licenses
Self-service support (Help Center & Community)*

* Due to high demand, the Workpath Light package excludes dedicated support outside of the self-service offerings. This exclusion particularly affects email, chat and phone requests, as well as direct support from one of our Customer Success Managers. To receive dedicated support services, you can upgrade to the full version of the Workpath software.

Workpath Customers

Trusted by leading enterprises for successful strategy execution


Maneuvering OKR programs with ease

Working with OKR for the first time or enhancing a small OKR program can feel quite challenging without the right guidance. Workpath Light sets you up for success from day one.

Get started straight away

Access the software within seconds and request your date of choice for your training the same day.

Break up silos by empowering teams with context

Give your teams transparency on how they make a difference to spark a sense of purpose.

Turn  OKR into a  tangible concept  by connecting  theory and practice

Learn about the methodology while already putting it into practice with the matching software.

Up your OKR game no matter your experience

With best-in-class OKR training and a software that  scales  with your organization when you are ready.

Set your OKR program up for success

Create a lighthouse success case that can inspire others in the organization and beyond.

Align and connect strategic goals and priorities within and across teams

Ensure teams are always aligned to reach overarching goals faster than ever.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which package should I opt for?

Choose the package that suits you and your team best. If you want to take on the role of an OKR Coach or even an OKR Program Lead during the course of your OKR introduction, then the Guided package is certainly a good choice. In case you want to upskill several people at once for such roles, the Customized package can support you. If you first want to get to know the OKR method as a team, the Self-Study package might be a better fit. This also requires a smaller time investment.

What happens after the expiration of Workpath Light?

After one year, your Workpath Light contract ends automatically unless you

  • renew the access 
  • book another Workpath Light package
  • upgrade to the full version

You can upgrade to the full version, renew your contract or book another Workpath Light package by contacting our Sales Team. We will be also sending you details about this towards the end of Workpath Light.
You can also upgrade at any time during the term of Workpath Light to take advantage of  benefits of the full version. Please note the minimum contract value of € 21,000 per year for the full version.

If I renew my Workpath Light package, do I receive the same enablement again?

No, if you book the same package for another year, you will receive access to a new enablement format.

  • Self-study package: Access to Community of Practice Calls (Q&A calls with other users of the Workpath community, led by Workpath OKR experts)
  • Guided package: Ticket for Masterclass Advanced
  • Customized package: Another training of your choice
What are the limitations of Workpath Light?

Workpath Light is limited with regards to user licenses for the Workpath platform (50 - 100 users, depending on your package) as well as with regards to its features.
Upgrading to the START plan will provide you with the following additional features and benefits: initiatives, contribution requests, additional nesting layers for teams, viewer licenses, integrations, analytics as well as dedicated support through a Customer Success Manager.

How can I upgrade to the full version?

To upgrade to the full version you can always contact our sales team here. You can find all further information about our different packages on the pricing page.

Is there a minimum contract value for the Workpath full version?

Yes, there is a minimum contract value of € 21.000 per year.

Why does the offer start at 99€ if the training and software is normally  more expensive?

Workpath Light is more affordable as it is limited with regards to features and the number of users with which/that can access the  software. With this offer, Workpath  wants to  enable enterprises  to start and succeed with a  professional  setup.

How do you handle data protection and security at Workpath?

GDPR compliance, data protection and information security are a top priority at Workpath. Redundant servers as well as continuous backups ensure that your data is safe under any circumstances. Moreover, all communication is exclusively conducted through SSL encrypted channels. Certifications and exclusive hosting on the infrastructure of the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany make Workpath the leader in enterprise security.  Learn more about Workpath’s security policies on our data protection and legal page.

Can I add new users later?

You can invite and add users at any point in time.

Where can I find additional training, workshops and consulting services?

On our professional service page you can find all information on Workpath’s training offers, dates and consulting partners.