The OKR Cycle

The Workpath OKR Cycle: The heart of every successful OKR process ✓ Events, agendas and frequencies simply explained → Find out more here!

Become an OKR Coach | Workpath Trainings & Certifications

Become a certified OKR Coach, establish company-wide Coach communities as a Workpath Trainer or participate in tailored leadership trainings on OKR and agile strategy execution.

Outcome-oriented goal setting with OKR | Workpath

Learn all about OKR: A detailed explanation & definition ✓ A complete guide ✓ Drafting best practices, examples and tips → Read more here!

OKR Benefits Over Time

Download the guide - Know what to expect and manage expectations of your OKR implementation correctly:

Guide: Integration OKR & Scrum

Download the Guide: OKR & Scrum Integration - Find out how to integrate your Scrum backlog and the OKR framework with this guide

Method & Tool Library

Download the Method & Tool Library - Tune your workshops with new methods and tools that support your OKR process

How Software can support your OKR process

Get the guide - Find out whether an OKR software is the right choice for your company.

OKR Review - A Complete Guide on how to determine your goal achievement

Explore the Workpath Review Guide - Improve the understanding of your team's success drivers and set a baseline for the next cycle

Successfully implement, scale and even use OKRs to your advantage despite the crisis

Download our new Remote OKR Guide - How to tackle the most common OKR challenges - during times of Corona and beyond

The OKR Playbook for Executives

Download the Executive Guide to OKR - How to get OKRs up and running in your organization as an executive with our complete Executive Guide to OKR.