The OKR Cycle

The Workpath OKR Cycle: The heart of every successful OKR process ✓ Events, agendas and frequencies simply explained → Find out more here!

Learn all about OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) | Workpath

What are OKRs? Here you can find: definitions ✓ examples ✓ drafting tips ✓ possible combinations with other frameworks like Safe → and much more!

Guide: Integration OKR & Scrum

Download the Guide: OKR & Scrum Integration - Find out how to integrate your Scrum backlog and the OKR framework with this guide

OKR Benefits Over Time

Download the guide - Know what to expect and manage expectations of your OKR implementation correctly:

Method & Tool Library

Download the Method & Tool Library - Tune your workshops with new methods and tools that support your OKR process

How Software can support your OKR process

Get the guide - Find out whether an OKR software is the right choice for your company.

Successfully implement, scale and even use OKRs to your advantage despite the crisis

Download our new Remote OKR Guide - How to tackle the most common OKR challenges - during times of Corona and beyond

The OKR Playbook for Executives

Download the Executive Guide to OKR - How to get OKRs up and running in your organization as an executive with our complete Executive Guide to OKR.

Workpaths Retrospective Guide

Find out all about retrospectives: The aspired outcome ✓ A preparation checklist ✓ The best agenda for retros and a downloadable template → Learn more!

How OKRs support alignment across teams and hierarchies

Alignment with OKRs: Types of alignment ✓ Causes of incorrect alignment ✓ How OKRs and workpath support alignment → Find out more here!