Workpath is the Enterprise Outcome Management platform

Achieve your most important
goals fast and more predictably
in times of volatility

  • Reach your cost-savings and efficiency goals with less risk
  • Identify waste in your portfolio and adjust fast
  • Bounce back towards growth and with energized teams

The Enterprise strategy execution solution that transforms your business towards outcomes, without risk and without teams working in silos.

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Financial, Operations, IT and Strategic & Portfolio teams are using Workpath to achieve their goals

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The challenges for today’s enterprises

Achieving your strategic goals in normal times is hard.
But in tough economic times it’s even harder.

Because you have to do both: short-term measures to control costs and long-term vision
to put the company on a growth path.

Teams and business units work in silos, not aligned behind priorities

Multiple business units, hundreds of teams across different time zones. It’s no wonder getting them to collaborate across the borders is a feat. Duplicate work, varying priorities, and remote working are preventing you from reaching your goals.

Resources aren’t used at their best

Are your most important projects being properly funded? Can you clearly see duplicate work? Is waste hidden in your portfolio? As a leader, you’re struggling with these questions and the fact that there’s no clear link betwen your project portfolio and your strategy.

No executional transparency

Big projects, big bets - yet you cannot pinpoint where you are today and if everything is on the right track. Lots of project management tools, XLS and PowerPoints, but yet they don’t manage to show you what you want. A clear, steady path to growth and a clear link that your strategy is being executed.

Facing challenges with Outcome Management

Learn how Workpath solves your most
pressing problems in times of crisis

Looking at the past was never the right way to predict the future.
 But it’s a comfortable way.

Yet, we live in unprecedented times. 
And for these times we do have the magic ball of looking into the future.
It’s not comfortable, but it’s effective.

We’re introducing the Outcome Management Model on the Workpath platform -
the fastest solution to closing the gap between strategy and execution.

And be prepared for whatever the future brings.

You’ve set high targets for your business but right now, reaching them seems to be a struggle. Business units work in silos, front-line insights are hard to get and progress towards goals is not transparent.

Using Workpath Enterprise Outcome Management platform you decrease the risk of not making your numbers.

Now, all teams are empowered to work on the same priorities while front-line insights contribute to your strategic goals.

See how
saving cost with workpath

Cost-cutting across the board can only take you so far. Not knowing what’s the impact of those savings and where waste lies, makes it harder for you to steer your company. Managing strategic projects in Excel is not feasible anymore.

With Workpath Enterprise Outcome Management, you can easily identify waste hidden in duplicate work or non-critical projects. Now, your entire project portfolio is optimized, duplicate work removed and everything is aligned to your strategic goals.

identify waste with Workpath

You’ve made some big strategic bets. Now it’s time for the teams to start driving execution, yet relying only on financial metrics is not helping you course-correct. They take too much time to show progress and by then it may already be too late.

With Workpath Enterprise Outcome Management you can achieve transparency and speed in execution. Leading metrics and short iterations help you course-correct fast.

Now, your growth plan is supported by engaged teams, all working fast towards your most important outcomes.

boucne back to growth with Workpath

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