The strategy execution software for OKRs, KPIs and beyond

Achieve your cost-saving goals
faster and more reliably
in tough economic times

  • Reach your targets with less risk through better predictability and timely course-corrections
  • Identify and eliminate unseen waste in your project portfolio
  • Bounce back to efficient collaboration after reorganizing your company
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Challenges enterprises face today

Achieving your strategic goals in normal times is hard.
But in tough economic times it’s even harder.

The seemingly impossible trade-off

Navigating the crisis means you have to balance both short-term measures to control costs and long-term vision to put the company on a growth path. A truly hard task when stakes are high and your time to react is limited.

Teams and business units work in silos

Multiple departments and hundreds of teams across different time zones - no surprise getting them to align and collaborate is hard. Instead, duplicated work and competing priorities prevent you from reaching your goals.

Resources aren’t used at their best

Are your most important projects properly funded? Do you know which work is duplicated?  Can you tell where in your project portfolio resources are drained? Without a clear link between your strategy, your project portfolio and resource insights, you are understandably struggling to answer and act on these questions.

Executional transparency is guesswork

Big projects, big bets - just what these tough times require. However, they’re not worth anything if you have to guess if things are on track and your strategy is actually being executed. Even the best project management tools, XLS and PowerPoints still can’t provide you with a clear link between strategy and execution and and what to do if things don’t go as planned.

Tackling challenges with Outcome Management

How Workpath solves your most
pressing problems in times of crisis

Like all executives facing the economic downturn, you’ve set high-targets for your business. However, reaching them is harder than ever these days, especially if business units still work in silos, front-line insights are hard to get and progress towards goals is not transparent.

With Workpath you achieve your goals 30% more likely and 23% faster within the first year.

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saving cost with workpath

Cutting budgets across the board definitely reduces your costs, but it can only take you so far, especially if tracking happens in tools like Excel. Not knowing where resources are drained with duplicated work or non-critical projects, is where the real cost-saving potential is lost.

Working with Wortpath allows you to make unseen waste visible and improve time spent on critical goals by 25%.

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identify waste with Workpath

You’ve made strategic adjustments and now it’s up to your teams to continue executing as seamlessly as possible. Yet significant changes to resources or reporting lines often lead to teams feeling uncertain and only slow progress on plans.

No matter how big the changes are, with Workpath you can improve strategic clarity among employees as well as vertical alignment by 25% each.

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