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Exchange online with other practitioners about agile leadership methods in thematic channels on Slack - no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.

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Four reasons to join the Online Community

Learn from other practitioners

Our community is open for all interested professionals - free of charge and non-profit. We connect practitioners, online and offline, so that you can share experiences and best practices.

Share your experiences

You are already working with OKRs and have experience with the implementation of a more agile leadership? Then you are a pioneer whose experiences many professionals are excited about.

Get insights and best practices of your industry

Digital companies like Google and Zalando, who’ve pioneered OKRs and an agile leadership culture, are hardly to be compared with established organizations. Here, you can learn from practitioners of your industry, your role in the organisation and your location.

Benefit from a trustful exchange among peers

The community was built by practitioners for practitioners. We review all members in order to create a safe environment in which a confidential exchange among like-minded people can prosper.

Expert groups for beginners and experienced practitioners

Exchange online with other practitioners about agile leadership methods in thematic channels on Slack. We value constructive discussions and targeted dialogs. Hence, our members are exclusively current or future practitioners with a shared interest in a meaningful exchange.

"In the expert groups you are among peers. Constructive exchange without any sales talk."

Agile Coach

"The OKR Community is great because I can talk to other agile coaches and SCRUM master about common challenges with OKRs and agile leadership."


"To adopt all of our processes and culture to OKRs took around two years [...]. It just helps so much to get advice from someone who’s been there."


"I was surprised, that so many companies especially here went through a similar transformational process as us and who faced the exact same challenges."

Practitioners and experts from the OKR Community on Slack are looking forward to you.

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