Always On - Models for the Age of 360° Media Consumption

The media are caught in turbulent times. In the middle of big business model shifts towards subscription, heightened competition through new players and a tech disruption through AR, VR and AI, established players need to pool their strengths. To successfully rise to their challenges, they need to make changes to their core. They need a new operating system that can withstand the turbulences, enables them to establish new business models and prepare them for future challenges.

OKR Training

Enabling a new approach to strategy execution, leadership and collaboration for the future of media

It is time for the media industry to take over their role as pioneers again. To convince their customers with seamlessly integrated media, user-centered offerings, innovative products and business models. An agile organization model, catalyzed by OKRs, is the key for developing the needed adaptability, customer-centricity and ability to continuously innovate. Explore more in this overview.