Workpath developed an intuitive OKR template in the format of a spreadsheet with which you can record your vision, mission as well as strategic initiatives of your organization. From this, organizations can at top management and team level derive and formulate first annual goals and goals for quarterly cycles (Objectives) with their respective Key Results.

You don´t always have to invest in a new software straight away, when you are about to shift to a new goal or performance management framework like Objectives und Key Results (OKRs). For many, especially small organizations, a good template can be a sensible first step to get to know OKRs.

Explanation of the OKR template

The Workpath template for Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) helps you to test OKRs for your enterprise and introduce them in smaller teams. It is perfect for organizations that just started to work with OKRs as goal and performance management method. With the template you can draft a first list of Objectives and Key Results. You can derive those from the organization´s purpose, strategies and medium-term goals.

In the overview you can find support for the formulation of Objectives and Key Results. Moreover, you can get to know mre about the relationship of OKRs and KPIs and the delineation from MBO. The Goal Room gives you an overview about all OKRs. Those can be dervied and defined from annual goals both on enterprise as well as team level.

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Are you looking for more templates that can help you work with OKRs? In our article "The Check-in: success driver of effective OKR systems" we put down some tipps as well as a simple check-in template for you.

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