Pursuing meaningful outcomes
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What are your goals for 2022?

Workpath was founded on a simple belief: successfully pursuing meaningful outcomes, together with others, makes the foundation of a happy and fulfilled (work) life.

Defining and aligning meaningful outcomes as a team is almost as hard as achieving them, so Workpath provides tools, knowledge and a community to support you with both.

But Workpath is not just about enabling customers and their business. We serve our colleagues, our partners, our investors and everyone else who pursues meaningful outcomes that create value for others.

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Meet our colleagues and the meaningful outcomes they pursue
at Workpath

"I will spend at least one hour a day to spark my passion on the deepest level, be it singing, drawing, making videos or dancing"
Workpath contributes to a healthy work-life flow by providing flexible working hours and encouraging breaks when needed
"I will take a language course to be able to talk more frequently with my Spanish colleagues and candidates that are also part of our city hubs in Spain"
People at Workpath can invest their 1.800 EUR personal development budget to e.g. take language courses
"I will show my daughter all the exciting places, people, activities and foods the world has to offer ... in Munich, Madrid and the rest of the world"
People at Workpath can decide from where and when they want to work as the focus lies on outcomes and not work input.
"I continue to invest significant time in hiring and developing top-notch talent and implement scalable revenue processes and systems"
Workpath puts the trust in the people to own and drive their topics as if they are founders themselves.
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Welcome to our Workpath team podcast.
Our People and Culture Manager Luisa meets different members from the team to chat about people, positions and culture at Workpath.

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