The Workpath Credits Program

Workpath launches €10 million credit program for pioneers in NGOs, growth companies and corporates.You can apply for credits on this page. In early 2020, Workpath launched a program to give €10 million in credits to enterprises around the world. While this year in many ways is a turning point with exceptional challenges for business and society, the program is not only meant to support enterprises in times of the COVID-19 crisis. This program has been developed over the last months to be a catalyst and a launch pad for pioneers within their own organizations. It is designed for leaders and their teams who aim to improve the way they work and execute strategies with Workpath’s tools and services. This is a further important initiative to support Workpath’s mission of enabling enterprises to build more resilient organizations and to get faster from strategic goals to business results.

The Workpath Credit Program

However, not every team with the ambition to change work for the better receives the initial trust and resources to get started on a significant scale. “We want to make a contribution to these endeavors that enable better products and services, create jobs, and ultimately improve the quality of work for thousands of people” says Workpath CEO Johannes Mueller.

How the Workpath Credit Program supports organizations

More practically speaking, Workpath Credits are a way to get easy access to Workpath’s software solution (and services like training or e-learning) while saving on your Workpath bill. Credits are applied to Workpath invoices to help cover costs that are associated with eligible services, and are applied until exhausted or expired. Under some circumstances (e.g. for certain NGOs or small teams working with a Workpath partner), this can even lead to a completely free rollout of an agile strategy execution process with Workpath.The program is run on a rolling admission policy and allocates up to € 2.5 million in credits every business quarter.  A committee therefore continuously reviews applications and decides based on a set of objective criteria. Apply for credits or talk to a program manager to learn more.

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