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S5E9: OKRs and Outcomes: Tools for de-risking uncertainty 🇬🇧

Jeff Gothelf

Jun 22, 2023

OKRs are a simple concept but incredibly powerful because what it does is, it starts to move an organization towards better agility, collaboration, more customer centricity, more humility…creating the kind of culture and ways of working that tend to be more successful today. - Jeff Gothelf

In today’s episode “OKRs and Outcomes: Tools for de-risking uncertainty” we talk with Jeff Gothelf about why are OKRs such a fundamental tool for all organizations facing uncertainty, how do you start “doing OKRs’ in huge enterprise to ensure the required culture change and finally, why OKRs are such a simple but challenging tool to implement successfully.

Finally, we’re talking about Jeff’s upcoming book - which is an OKR employee handbook, a practical guide for everyone in an organization no matter the department they are in.

Jeff Gothelf helps organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. He is the co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book Sense & Respond as well as the self-published Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking and Forever Employable.

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